Axpona 2023

I am seeing videos from Axpona come in and this ACTIVE budget system sounds amazing, even with low rez youtube. People are guessing it costs $15K in the audience, and jaws are hitting the floor when they find out its less than $3K for EVERYTHING. Talk about confusion, listen to the stunned questions. I keep posting about the benefit of these active "systems" . The audience looks like they just saw ET, hilarious reactions:


Vandersteen's room with Jon Spelt's shop is one I wish I could listen to.  They are showcasing Vandersteen's new Vandersteen Control Center. It's a preamp with an EQ built in that is out of teh signal path.  I can't wait to hear it and have been waiting patiently.  I always have had fun helping friend and family buy inexpensive systems (relatively) that punch higher than their cost. What draws me to Vandersteen is their built in subs (Quatro on up) and their amps (and now a pre to go with them).  I love their sound and the electronics are all matched to the speakers (although I've heard my amps (the 5's) on other speakers still sound incredible to my ears).  

I have also enjoyed many other powered speakers over the years. Not the desktop speakers with Class D amps, but full size class AB amps etc....  It's like anything else though as implementation is the MOST important thing.  

$15k with those tiny speakers? That’s funny! Only audiophiles…..


Maybe the laws of physics no longer apply.  Join the club!

Yeah, but I’ll bet that guy was pricing in terms of a passive system, speakers, source, amps, cables, etc. The "active all in one" system concept is still flying under a lot of peoples radar. I would guess it would cost at least $10K to get that SQ from a passive stack.