AXPONA or T.H.E. Newport?

I've been to the past two Newport shows but I'm wondering how AXPONA compares. What do you think?
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I attended AXPONA last year and will attend this April as well. I found it to
be a very well laid out and easily accessible.

I was able to meet and ask questions directly to many of my favorite
designers and engineers in the audio world. The seminars are informative
and I was able to listen to my own music in almost every room I attended. If
the room and the system sounded good and I thought it was a system that I
could see myself owning I asked the host to play some of my personal
selections. This gave me a idea of how their system compares to my own.

I highly recommend going to this years AXPONA. It well be in a larger
venue and several extra activities including "Live"" music
in the evenings have been added to the schedule.You'll meet a lot of new
people and maybe make some friends along the way.
Thanks Tom.

I'm sure it's a great experience, as all the regional shows tend to be. I'm interested to know if AXPONA is small, like the CAS or DC shows, or if it is in the same league as Newport. I'm sure it's not as big as RMAF, of course.
It was a pretty large show last year and I think will be bigger this year. Last year many folks more experienced with audio shows said that the rooms sounded uncommonly good for a show. Possibly because the show organizers offer room treatments to the exhibitors?

Very little gear that I wanted to hear that wasn't at the Chicago show. A great experience.
Check out who will be demonstrating there. Looks to be quite an impressive field. Demo's Seminars, Music Sales, Auction.

The rooms did sound extremely good last year. I was fortunate enough to meet and introduce myself to the men who created most of my components, very cool!

I brought back a lot of new music too, (LP's, CD's and SACD's).

Let's have a beer together!
Axpona was very good least year, and I'm expecting it to be even better this year. The rooms are a bit larger than your typical hotel room, so they sound a bit better as well. That gives attendees a better chance to hear what the systems can really do.

This year JD Events purchased Axpona and has been marketing it aggressively. They also have more exhibitors than last year. The only downside to last year from a visitors perspective was that the show was packed, our room was literally standing room only all weekend. If it's like that this year, talk to the exhibitors in the rooms you want to investigate further, and they'll likely do quiet after-hours demos for you.
I went to AXPONA with my audio dealer buddy last year. This year, I'm taking my wife. It was enjoyable overall. I really liked Peter Lederman's seminar.
That's because my initial ask didn't show up -- until later, Mr. Snarkey.

Thanks for the input everyone.
Very glad someone else will be there with their wife. I was their last year with my wife and on Saturday you could count the amount of women there on your fingers. Sunday there seemed to be a better female showing but still rather sparse. We will be attending again this year and she's already hoping that there are a few more women. I understand that this tends to be more of a male dominated hobby but my wife enjoys the music and she does have her opinions about the equipment we buy. As for the show, it was the only one I had ever attended so I can't make any comps. All indications were that it was a big success. That's why they decided to bring it back even bigger. I'm hoping they make it a yearly stop. Seeing as how I live only about a half hour away makes it even better.
Drubin,I went to Axpona last year and it was a very good show. It is worth the trip. Never been to THE but have been to RMAF. Axpona is a bit smaller, but there is still a ton of high end stuff to see and hear. It is supposed to be bigger this year than last. You will need a couple of days at least to see everything. Pay no mind to the goofball above. He posts quite often here, but almost never provides anything of value.
Mrschret, my information and instincts tell me that Axpona will be held elsewhere after this year. That you are so close to the show location makes the decision even easier for you. We'll be there, so please stop in and introduce yourselves and take a good listen.
Essential, that's disappointing news. I hope your wrong. Last years show success and this years expected success seems to prove that there is a market for this product in this area. Of course, the true success can't just be measured by attendance but more by way of the manufacturers bottom lines. Does partaking in this show prove to be worth the time and expense by an uptick in sales? My guess, and it's just a guess of course, would be that a metropolitan area as big as Chicagoland would prove yes. If Axpona needs to move on it would still be nice if some sort of show like this would fill the void.