Ayon CD2 v The highend

Has anyone compared Ayons CD2 to the likes of Emm Labs, Wadia or DCS?
I have compared it to the PS Audio Perfect Wave DAC & Transport, which readily beat the Ayon CD-2. I have exchanged e-mails with a number of Ayon CD-2 owners (including the person I bought my unit from) who have admitted the Ayon has a "forward" sound signature even with NOS tubes installed...if that is your cup of tea, great. But I found it to be fatiguing and thought the PS Audio stack was both more resolving and more laid-back than the Ayon. On that note, you should read the review of the Ayon CD-5 by Doug Schroeder at Dagogo...at the end of his review he ranks a number of CD players, including the Ayon units. His rankings mirror my own.

One owner of the Ayon CD-2 I know moved on to the top of the line AMR player after he demo'd the latter...
Cheers Mcondon thats an interesting result, I'll check out Dagogo. I run an EL CDSA but I'm interested in options with digital inputs and I've heard good things about the Ayon