smallest highend manuf.of intergrated amp

wanting to go micro....
Naim Nait amps are pretty small.
They even sound pretty good to.
Donno about integrated amps that are smaller.

Are you talking about a small company or a small amp? The 47 Labs Gaingard is probably the physically smallest integrated amp. LFD Mistral has got to be one of the smallest manufacturers. I understand they basically make everything in a garage.
The 47 Labs shigaraki is it at $1500 it has 3 input and one set of outs. You can hide the power supply behind the rack. The amp is the size of a small paperback.
after i read it later , i meant smallest in size, also want a company that's been around and may continue to stay around, these days , i know, you never know .....
Jolida 1301. McCormack made the "Micro Drive" a few years back that, I believe, had 5w of power. (Headphone amp) Original Naim nait.
How about a Tandberg "Troll" 25 watt integrated amp. Very small. Here's a link.
The RAM301, a 30 watt tube hybrid modified by Modwright from a Jolida 301 is very micro with a big audiophile sound. You can purchase from Response Audio or review the many options available at
This one looks VERY small:

Saw it mentioned by someone over at the AA and don't know anything about it. But it sure looks like an interesting amp. I wonder how it sounds like? And how do they get 50W out of this thing?
I like the ARC Integrated for $1k.
Pipetman, how'd you pick your moniker? I'm the co-inventor of the damned things (and other piston-operated volumetric equipment)! Ernie
Hi Subaruguru - You invented these things? Impressive! I'm actually a chemist/molecular biologist (evil corporate spirits want to transform me into a cell biologist - I'm not amused... ) and thus I'm using the Gilson's almost on a daily basis. It's sort of a no-brainer to make a moniker out of it, isn't it?
Actually, the moniker is derived from the french "pipette manuelle". We all thought that the name Pipetman worked in all languages. Ever see the original lexan-bodied production before 1977? Ever see one with a small "EM" calibration signature from the mid-late 70s? That's me.
If you're doing molybio, etc., with proteinaceous stuff you might check out a similar positive-displacement clone I helped develop back in 76 called the Gilson Microman.
The Mistral Itegrated strikes a very slim profile. It's about 3" tall on its feet. I have really enjoyed mine for the last few months. You can get 'em used for about 650ish. Very nice little amp. Sweet and musical.
or get one with a plug for an IR remote receptor on a cable and hide the main unit
Half-size Goliath killer high-end gear designed and built in the U.K.: CYRUS

Google the line-up and reviews. Highly recommended 
Take a look at the Rega Brio-R.  I have one in my office setup with the DAC-R, Apollo-R, and a pair of Harbeth P3ESRs.  It sounds excellent.  Read the write-up in TONE Audio about the Brio-R.