ayon integrateds--USB input... for what?

I see some of their integrateds listed as having USB inputs--but am unable to find anything more about it in reviews or the company's website.

The obvious answer would be that they have an internal DAC that you can simply hook up your computer to...but that seems kinda kludgy for such high end equipment. Don't get me wrong...I like the utility of it, a lot, especially if it could eliminate the need for an expensive DAC...but...never seen such a thing on any other (high end) pre or integrated.

Anybody know about this...Anybody have experience with its use/quality, etc.
Well, maybe not as "high end" as Ayon, but my Musical Fidelity A1 Integrated amp has a built-in USB DAC.
Thanks Reubent....Of course, I don't mean to be snobbish by my question I just had not heard of such a thing on anything but very inexpensive equipment. And then, only rarely. For the record, I'm running a Musical Fidelity A5 and love it...so again, no disrespect.

So someone, please validate....if there's a usb port on these things, there's a DAC built in?! Of course, If there is I'd have to try it before removing my stand-alone...but could potentially make the Ayons even more of a bargain.

The only other thing I thought...was maybe USB was a service port...but to service what, they are old school tube amps...
Not sure , but my take on it is that the USB is used for connecting an iPOD type device that simply plays through the integrated. There's is not listing of an internal DAC on their integrated amps that have an USB.
MI8764ag...there are plenty of end integrateds and/or preamps that incorporate an internal DAC. Check out the following:

1) McIntosh C48/C50 preamps (just introduced) with onboard DACs
2) Bryston B100SST integrated
3) Boulder 1012 preamp with DAC ($19K)
4) NAD M2 Direct Digital integrated amp
5) Naim Uniti integrated amp
6) Simaudio Moon i3.3 integrated amp with onboard DAC as an added option
7) All of Meridian's preamps/processrs have or can be configured with onboard DACs
8) Magnum Dynalab MD-309 integrated amp with onboard DAC
9) Esoteriz RZ-1 integrated
10) Perreaux 150i/250i integrateds with optional onboard DAC

and ofcourse the Ayon integrateds as you list. There are more I am sure I am missing but this has become an emerging area of focus as digital escapes the grasp of teh CD and has increasingly migrated to music server and PC-based sources. Hope this helps
suggest you call Paul at USA Tube Audio - an Ayon dealer and get your question answered - he's easy to talk to
MI8764ag...I checked the Ayon website and it seems like the Orion integrated is the only one that has USB input. And it is strange that they do not highlight that there is an onboard DAC in the Features or Specs tabs. You may want to follow up with USA Tube Audio as Facten suggests above. They should be able to answer the question. My inclination is to say the USB input accesses an onboard DAC, but better check. Ayon also makes excellent digital products (CD players with digital inputs as well as a stand-alone DAC) so it's not incoceivable that the Orion comes with a DAC onboard. It's just strange that it is not mentioned anywhere in their product literature on the website. Let us know what you find out.
Thanks Guys....I did end up talking with Paul at USA Tube (You are correct, easy guy to talk with)... Turns out it is an onboard DAC but only on that one model....for some reason I got it in my head that it was multiple Ayons that had it. Be curious to know how the dac sounds...but unfortunately not on the upper power models (I have Maggies).

A friend of mine just got an Ayon CD player and is more than pleased...(and he's had some great equipment). I have a feeling that's some really good equipment, in spite of the gushing reviews ; )

Thanks all.
MI8764ag...thanks for getting back to us. I believe most of the Ayon CD players also have digital inputs so you can also use a music server or PC as a source as well as obviously play your CDs directly. From owner testimonials on Agon and other forums as well as official reviews they seem to be excellent. As for their amps they are also very well received. Good luck.
I have an Ayon CD 5s on order, they upgraded on this model to an excellent asynchronous USB port. The unit does have a built in DAC as well as a built in quality preamplifier, so you could potentialy shrink three items (transport, DAC and pre)into one. Both the DAC and preamp are given good ratings by Absolute Sound this months issue and by Drago Review. More importantly I have been in touch with many knowledgeable owners who praise the unit highly.
The USB is designed as well as other digital inputs to service any computer audio need you have - plus it has true analogue inputs for your turntable. I am not associated with the company in anyway.
Hope this helps
Thanks Guys... an Update...my friend got his Ayon CD player...I listened to it....WOW! Hands down the best cd player I've ever heard...and obviously the DAC circuitry is top notch...smooth but not softened analog sound.

Gammajo...that's good food for though...even though I'm past needing the transport part...getting the pre and a (high quality) dac function in one box...may be a interesting/relatively affordable way to go...would then only need a quality amp.
I'll check back with him tomorrow ...but I believe its the cd2 (not the s)....he's had some really nice stuff in his system including the upper model arc stuff (which sounded good too)...but this one's a whole different league...it sounded so analog like (Yes, I know that's overused...but in this case it's true).
MI8 Thanks for reporting in. If the Cd 1 is that good, can't wait to hear the 5s