Ayre Codex USB Connection - iPad is the best?

I need a sanity check. I was testing Ayre's USB input using both PC and ipad pro (via camera connection kit) and I am getting better sound quality from the ipad pro than PC. The Codex is used with iFi's USB3 filter with both digital ends. The PC is a win10 machine with Ayre's latest ASIO driver. I tested the quality using WASAPI and ASIO. On the software side, I am using latest Jriver and Audirvana. On Ipad, its just Tidal with digital output through lighting port to USB.

Overall, the ipad connection sounds more natural, analogue, deeper bass, better separation, better imaging, better ease and flow.

Anyone else experiencing this? Does iPad have an extraordinary clean USB implementation? I was surprised at the result given I used iFi USB3 to improve USB signal and power input to the DAC.
I’ve seen evidence for this when the PC’s power supply was causing a ground loop, and the DAC didn’t have proper ground loop isolation. That ground loop caused excess jitter, not hum.

If this is a laptop, trying unplugging the power supply, and see what happens.