Ayre cx 8 cd player

Any news on the new ayre cx 8.. 
I spoke to Ayre today.( 2-14-19) Soon to be released. Connectivity is due to be enhanced and what you'd expect from a newer player vs their older versions. Different modules and price points. Attached is the only image I can locate at this time. 


They also indicated to me that they still have the ability to service the Cx-7eMP for several more years. If you have a 5 series player, they recommend contacting them for information regarding the transport mechanism. 

Interesting.  Is it possible that people are getting tired of the streamers, NAS, complicated remotes, etc?  IMO, it's nice to just pop in a disc and listen, isn't it?  I'm sure this will have all the other capabilities too, but I am pleasantly surprised that Ayre is including a transport.  
Did anyone read the Stereophile review?  Seemed to be damning with faint praise.  Sonically, it seems to be a different beast from the 7 series.
Did anyone read the Stereophile review?
Do you mean the EX-8 review? I couldn't understand why Atkinson compared it to separates retailing for almost $40K. I mean, who is deciding between such extreme choices? There is close to zero reason for such a comparison. I thought the twitteringmachines review did a much better job of comparing it to similar price point all-in-one machines albeit the Ayre was the most expensive among them, in that case.

what is the contact number that you dialed in to Ayre?
Contact person that assisted with your query?

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Hello j -

I called the phone number on their new website. 303.442.7300 ext 233
As always, they were very enthusiastic to speak with their customers.





It appears that this New player is finally being released. Always good to see an updated spinner from the guys at AYRE.


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