Ayre CX7

Can someone tell me what the "Evolution" upgrade is and what it adds to the cost of the player.

Ask Charles Hansen at Ayre, he'll be happy to tell you exactly what and how much.
It's $400 and I agree with Newbee, call Ayre. They're good people.
On a side note, Ayre is up to the "M" series now on their serial numbers. They have made numerous improvements to the player since its introduction (before the "E" upgrade.)Ayre is really good about adding All upgrades when a player is returned.
Go to the Ayre website and get the phone number. You'll get a quicker response by just calling. Michael is in charge of upgrades.

i just received my cx-7 back from ayre. i have a b series (early model) and the upgrade cost $650 because they had more to do. according to steve ayre customer relations dude, "The B series requires a fair amount of upgrades to be brought to current spec. The New Transport is much quieter and smoother in operation. To be honest, the new DVS drive sounds better too. A Daughter board is added to the under carriage of the audio board. This new board beefs up the voltage regulation and yield a firmer, more resolute presentation. It's puts some confidence in the presentation. New firmware and hardware are added to the logic board. A new DSP algorithm that we wrote sound much more sophisticated. The final nail is the Dynamic Power update. Dynamic Power includes newly developed circuitry that increases instantaneous current delivery, reduces mains-borne RF interference,
and eliminates residual switching noise from the rectifiers themselves."

the evo upgrade is substantial, and well worth the money.

aloha keith
Have to really agree with Keith. It is an substantial upgrade in sonics. I just had them do my V5x.
There is considerably difference in the sound of the older CX7's and the newer ones in a direct comparison. It is well worth the $.
Larry s, everytime Ayre does anything to one of their products, the serial number will change to reflect this in their production run. Mine is a 9M... indicating it has the latest upgrades incorporated since "M" is the latest production serial number. If they do something else to the player, it will become 9N.... and so forth. Keith's unit above was a "B" series. They only advertise "Major" upgrades. The nice thing is, you can send your product back for any substantial upgrades and get the others also. Mine came as an "Evolution" unit so it says CX-7e. I sent my V5x for the "E" upgrade.
Some of the upgrades are relatively minor. The Evolution is not minor. Hope this helps.
Thanks, Bigtee. I was curious what the "M" upgrade/level entailed because I had just got my DX-7 back a few weeks ago after getting the "E" upgrade.