Ayre Word Clock output

Ayre’s EX-8 integrated amp has a TOSLINK Word Clock output that I’m hoping to use as an external clock for an outboard DAC. I haven’t selected a DAC yet, but external-clock inputs on DACs that I’m considering (like HiFi Rose or Esoteric) are usually 50 or 75-ohm BNC connectors (like a cable-TV or antenna connector).

Ayre’s documentation doesn’t say much about this feature, although I can’t imagine what else a "word clock" would be used for. But even if this output is what I’m hoping it is, I fear that connecting it would require some sort of optical-to-copper converter box (like the $20-30 cheapies on Amazon), and inserting a device like that wouldn’t be my ideal implementation.

I’d explored this issue on Audiogon in the past, but after additional investigation, I’m starting a new thread to ask a more precise, better-educated question: Is there a reasonable way to accomplish what I’m trying to do -- use the Ayre as an external clock for a DAC -- with the Ayre’s Word Clock output?

And if doing so requires an optical interface, what’s the least-compromising and most cost-effective way to do that?