B K ref30 or Anthem AVM2?

I am down to two choices for a pre/pro. I use my system 80% for music and 20% for home theater. Has anybody else auditioned or owned this equipment.
Hi.. I just bought a ref 30 but I have not hooked it up yet.

Here is a thread for more feedback on ref 30:

If you opt for the B&K Ref 30, I suggest you wait a couple months before buying it. They are about ready to release it with new software that give it true 6.1 descrete channel capability (DD EX and DTS ES) and not just the matrixed version of 6.1. Well worth the wait if you asked me. I don't know anything about the Anthem. Good luck.
My AVM2 replaced the ref30 (which blew up 2 Fosgate 4200 amps @$4k retail). Ref30 seemed to have lots of setup parameters but the AVM2 provided more breathing room inside & out. Balanced connections to boot. System employs a ARC LS10 pre for 2ch. AVM2 handles basically theatre only other than surround music (DTS & 5.1) AVC3 amp for center & rears. All via balanced outs.
I heard the REF 30 through a B&K amp in stereo and was not impressed. Yesterday I heard an AVM2 through a Rotel amp and found it better. Actually, it was pretty good in stereo.
If your priorities are music then you might do well to try the Anthem as that is it's strength. I have the Ref 30 through a B&K Ref 7250 amp and I love it. The flexibility of the B&K far surpasses the Anthem. For instance if you have large speakers that you would like to crossover below 60hz (the AVM2's limit) to take advantage of their bass below that point the B&K allows that. Anywhere from 20-200hz. Also if you want to stay on top of the HT technologies for a while the B&K is more upgradeable and if up to date where as the Anthem is outdated.
I have an AVM2 going into Paradigm Reference Active speakers(left, right, center, 2 surrounds and 15" subwoofer. An awsome combination. Great home theater and wonderful sound.