B&W 800 series diamond

Anyone out there hear the newest revision to the B&W 800 series shown at the 2010 CES? Interestingly enough, they are simply calling it the 800 series diamond, instead of 800D.
1. No one heard the 800Diamond but they did demo the 802Diamond and the 805Diamond.
2. This was done to differentiate the new series from the previous "D" models.

They look pretty good in gloss black. The new 804 looks VERY classy in gloss black (with chrome accents).

The new line looks like it got more of a visual update than a sonic one but I hope they sound better too. There are a lot of picks up on HTguide, I would post a link but I am typing on my phone...
My local dealer says the new line will have improved bass and tweeter motor assemblies, simplified crossovers, and new input terminals. Has anyone had a chance to listen and compare the 802 Diamond against the older 802D?
I just wanted to bump this up to see if anyone has had a chance to compare these.
Budt, I've occasionally checked around internet forums and it seems that the 804's and 805's were the first out of the gate and just now the 802's and 803's are trickling in to dealers and buyers. As best as I can see, the overall consensus is a definite upgrade in SQ overall, with the 805 seemingly the knockout player, at least based on initial impressions. There have been a number of comments that the 805 is outstanding, and possibly a killer in it's price range. I also read several times that, across the line, the imaging and soundstage have improved dramatically. Nothing negative, and nothing suggesting no improvement. All diff levels of positive. Best I can offer so far.
I just heard the new 805D today.It is a startling upgrade from the 805S. It is probably the best bookshelf I have heard( atleast imo) . I am anxious to hear the new 802Di and 800Di now.
did you compare the 805Di's directly to the 805S's? What other bookshelf speakers have you heard? Thank you.
My comparison is only from memory but the improvement is quite dramatic.I have heard a number of very highly touted bookshelves but have never really been blown away by any of them.At one time I had the previous 805S and didn't have them long as I just didn't think they sounded like a 3 grand speaker.On the other hand the 805D sounds amazing. I could live with the 805D for years and be content.It is easily B&W's best bookshelf ever.
I have been a B&W owner for several years and 'know the house sound.' I recently purchased the 805D's after selling my 805S' and 804S'- and what an amazing upgrade. It has everything to do above simple asesthetic upgrades; although it is important to note that the build-quality is top-notch. With McIntosh electronics and MIT cables (same kit with my prior systems- the 805D's perform head and shoulders above their predecessor. An airyness to the high frequencies; astounding low levls with new woofer modifications. The mid-range is a bit more recessed and relaxed than previous designs. But, to that- a bit more natural sounding. Previously, I had to run a subwoofer to complete what I was missing in my 805 set-up; but no more. The question is are the worth the 5K price tag. I love them and could easily be playing these for a long time to come.
Guess what I heard about the 805D is panning out. Very interested in hearing more about the other models in the lineup.
I think its important to note; that while I previously owned the 804S' for better low end extension- I found that I lost some of the special mid range clarity of my 805S' which prevented my selling them. I utilized both for two-channel listenings only. The 805-Di has allowed me the mid range clarity from my previous speakers but has also expanded the low end freq. response without the bloating or other cabinet resonance.

Finally, it was a lot easier to carry up 5-floors. Good luck and good listening.
I heard the 805D which impressed the hell out of me but they didn't have the big boys( and still don't).
Anyone hear the new 802Di or 800Di? What are your thoughts?