B&W 800D3 paired with McIntosh MC1.25k

I’m currently using McIntosh C52 and MC452 equipment to drive my B&W 800D3. Looking to upgrade with MC1.25k. Is anyone running this combination (800D3 with McIntosh MC1.25k). What are your likes and dislikes.. 


Not quite the same, but I am running 802d3’s with Mac 611’s.  Warm overall signature, with very good detail, and dynamic, I am sure your 800D3’s would love the extra power.  Awesome combo.   

Very nice combo… MC611 paired with 802D3, you definitely have more dynamic headroom… something that I’m looking for. My 452 (when cranked up) red light flicker on sound tracks with deep bass. What pre amp are you using? I had the opportunity to pick up a used pair of 601’s but I prefer the 611 primarily because of the quad balanced circuitry. 

The 611’S also have 48% more headroom than the 601’s. I have only had the amps for about 4 months, but they drive the 802D3’s with ease. I crank it pretty loud at times and have never had the red light flicker. For your 800D3’s, I would recommend moving up to the 611’s at a minimum, but I would think the 1.25’s would be the ultimate.

I am using a Lumin T2 streamer into a Classe Sigma SSP processor. I feel my system sounds clear, dynamic, and detailed. Since I have had the amp, I hear detail in recordings that I never heard before. Vocals are very clear.

On the Audio Aficionardo web site , quite a few of the regulars have traded up to the new 1.25KW amps and have been gushing over them. You may want to read the entire thread. 

@stereo5; I was able to check out the audio aficionado.org forum page. Lots of valuable information, seems like there are quite a bit users running 802D3 with various equipment including McIntosh. B&W 800’s has a 90db sensitivity, at it appears the MC611 will be a good choice, and the MC1.2k will be even better. 

Thank you all for your input and advice.