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BTO Not Fragile
I also still have that album that I bought when I was in high school. Loved it at the time, but not as enjoyable listening today.  Music tastes change as we get older.  
DCS Bartok v Meitner MA3 v Esoteric N05XD
I don’t have the Esoteric N05xd, but I do have the N01XD. Very analog sounding. The XD version is a big improvement from the previous series.  
Seeking Honest Opinions: Your Experience with McIntosh Audio Gear
I think it probably depends on your other components. I have 611 monos, with B&W 802D3 speakers. My sources are an Esoteric N01XD streamer and a Clearaudio Performance turntable. That combination works well. Bold, natural, and detailed with cl... 
Cable Break In for the Naysayers
Ozzy, I gad the same experience when I upgraded XLR cables from Earth to the new Pegasus.  They are fabulous!  
low BT audio on Sony WF-1000XM5 using iPhone 15 Pro at max device volume
On the settings app, Go to sounds, then scroll down to headphone safety.  
Audioquest Pegasus XLR Interconnects
Hi Kennymacc, I recently upgraded from Audioquest earth to the Pegasus. I have to agree, the improvement was very noticeable. Vocals are very clear and natural, and bass is well defined. Music and sounds that were in the background on a song seem... 
AudioQuest Pegasus vs Thunderbird Interconnects
For what it is worth, I recently upgraded to Pegasus XLR from Earth.  Sweeter highs, clear and natural mid range vocals, fuller bass.  
Why No McIntosh Recommendations?
I agree Jeffrey.  My 611’s sound dynamic, yet smooth.  Pairs well with my B&W’s.  
McIntosh MC611 (terminal 2, 4, or 8 ohms)to B&W 800d3's
I have the 611 mono amps and found the 4 ohm tap was best with my B&W 802D3’s..  
Beatles Red and Blue albums remix
New expanded versions on vinyl and CD’s to be released November 10th.  
Beatles Red and Blue albums remix
Sorry, I meant “now and then”. Yoko Ono had given Paul McCartney 3 unfinished John Lennon tunes on a cassette several years ago; 2 were recorded for the Anthology disks. This would be the third, and they will be using AI to enhance John’ s voice.  
Add sub to 802D4s?
Which amps do you like with B&W’s? I have Mac 611 monos and feel they mate well with B&W.   Very happy with the sound, smooth, robust, and dynamic to my ears.    
Add sub to 802D4s?
I have B&W 802d3’s and have 2 JL Audio f 113’s.  I listen to rock, indie, and some alternative.  I love bass and the subs really give music an extra kick and dynamic.   I had them both in repair about a year ago and really missed the deeper ba... 
McIntosh to Luxman?
I don’t understand the McIntosh bashing. I use 611’s with an Esoteric N01XD streamer, Clearaudio turntable, and B&W 802D3’s (another brand that gets bashed on this site). The sound is balanced, but not veiled in any way. I think the sound is c... 
Great find: A really good streaming FM radio station.
WELTFM.0rg. This is a community radio station in Fort Wayne, with many genres of music in the evenings. Listen to Deep Cuts Friday nights from 9-10pm, which plays deeper album cuts from well known and newer artists.  You can actually listen to any...