B&W 801 Matrix III...which amp to use??

I love my Conrad Johnson CAV 50 tube amp, but it's just
not enough for the 801's at 45 W/PC.
Sad day, but I will need more power. Any thoughts on
a good high power SS amp that may (just wishing) have close
sonic quality's to the CJ??

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I had those very speakers. I had good results with the following amps. Aragon 8008BB - (probably won't sound as you want.)
Krell KSA 250 - Great stuff! Krell FPB 400cx - GREATER stuff!!. I would say go with a "Class A" amp 250 wpc or better (depending on the size of your room) and it will drive them nicely.
good luck.

Have you considered the CJ MF2500A. 240W should make
your 801's happy and it does have a tubish like
sound. Another consideration would be a Sonographe
SA 400. 200W and they can be had for less than
a kilo buck on the used market.

Good luck
Thanks guys! Keep them coming. I am also using biwire
AZ Satori's, if anyone thinks there may be a better
match cable wise please include your opinions.
I like what lies beneath in these speakers, I just need
to have more bass control & volume for starters. Imaging,
depth, & soundstage are almost there.
The Classe amps are great with B&W's, very smooth and not harsh at all. I would go with a CA-300, CA-301, but the 400 or 401 will be a little better. I'm using a CA-400 with my B&W N802's and it's terrific.
Ca-400 hands down. Had mine with my 801's w/Northcreeks and the sound was amazing. Had a 8008BB with them also. This amp sounded great but not near the sound of the big Classe'
Don't let anyone tell you that power is not needed. The better the amp the better the sound.
Does anyone have any thoughts on a Bryston 4B ST
or a digital amp?? Or say one of the bigger Parasounds,
Rotels... Marsh...Adcom... etc..
The bigger Bryston,Parasound, Rotel or Marsh are all good choices. I heard these through a 200wpc Rotel and it sounded very good. As a matter of fact the salesman hooked up the same speakers with Krell amps and nobody could tell the difference between the Krell and the Rotel. Levels weren't matched and it was informal but the price difference was major and the sound difference was not detectable.
If you want a very in-expensive option, then try a Quad amp. Either 606,707 or 909. They have all been built for driving Quad electrostats and therefore can handle almost any load.
Dont dismiss the idea, until you try it..
Try either a Threshold S550e or Audio Research D400 MkII or Mark Levinson 333 or 336.
I am running mine with a pair of Threshold T400 bridged to mono. 450/900 watts 8/4 ohms.

They really like high power, high current.
Bryston 4BST is not enough,lots of good choices above,JC1's,Threshold,Classe...room size counts...good luck,Bob
I used my 801 matrix III's with a Threshold S-550e for years and never had a problem and enjoyed the great sound. I have also pushed them hard with my Pass Labs X-600's and the glue holding the resistors the the crossover circuit boards started to burn and smoke.