B&W 805S powered with Marantz SR8001 issues?


I am hell-bent on getting some 805S for my Front LR speakers. However, my only amplification power is through the Marantz SR8001, which does have a toroidal transformer and lab tests (Sound and Vision) have results of 5 Channels Driven of ~100-120W per channel (Receiver is rated at 125W from factory)

My question is will this receiver be enough amplification to truly power these speakers?

I am having a difficult time finding a 175W x 2 power amp to use as a seperate amplifier for these speakers (future plans).
I used to run something similar into my B&W 605's, then got a Bel Canto eVo 4. 120wpc into 8 oms or 400wpc bridged into 8 ohms. I used the reciever for a pre-amp. There was a breathtaking difference at 125 wpc. Never even tried driving them bridged.
That's what I was thinking as well. I am running a CM Center in the middle and the low sensitivity of these speakers require more than the Marantz can push out.

Also, I just realized that I can "bi-amp" the L & R's by using two different channels from the Marantz. I will try this strategy out before I go hunting for a 3-channel amp (Emotiva).

Thanks for the input.
my experience with 805 signatures is that they are not hard to drive. my 30 watt tube monoblocks make them sing beautifully. they also sound fine with a denon 3803 receiver that i had. feed them with a good source and you will be smiling. good luck. scott
Thanks for your input, I am licking my chops on obtaining a pair of 805S for my system.