B&W Formation Flex vs. KEF LSX

Hi All- Wanted to throw this topic out there.  Both sets are on special right now, and I'm thinking about pulling the trigger.  I'm looking at both paired sets with a sub- each within $150 of each other.  

I absolutely love B&W so the choice should be a no brainer, but the KEF's are highly regarded.  I also like the connectivity more with the KEF's, particularly with being able to physically connect the two together.  The B&W lacks this.  If the B&W's were to go out of phase while listening to whatever, I'd be forced to reboot, troubleshoot, etc.  Both apps and corresponding interoperability seem to be mixed, so no clear winner. 

I'd most likely stream from Spotify or Qobuz- maybe Amazon HD.  I listen to 60's, 70's, 80's, R&B, and Jazz.     

I spoke to a couple of "audio experts" and they both said it was a toss up and depended on your preferences.  Anybody have any experience on this and can provide good insights?  Thanks in advance!
I've had the LSX for a few days now and it's been a very impressive upgrade in my home office!  I had the Audioengine 2+ running from a Mytek Brooklyn DAC+ here prior.  Now I have the LSX receiving Airplay 2 from my MacMini and Optical for the TV in here for video as well.  I mainly stream Roon for real listening and I am finding that Airplay seems to be a more reliable connection over the Roon Tested option which doesn't seem to want to persist.  I've not heard the B&W but the KEF is very solid!  I also did a quick demo of the LS50 in the local shop and was pretty stunned at what was coming through there ... this room is a bit small for that much sound - for now!