B&W Help... tweeter problems!

I have a pair of B&W Silver Signature 30s and this is the second tweeter that has fried. Has anyone out there experienced any problems with the Silver Signatures? I don't think I have a problem with the amplifier (Jadis Defy 7) and I am very careful about not overdriving the speakers. I am starting to question whether the silver voice coils are up to the task. This is more of a pain than anything but a pair of speakers this expensive shouldn't be going through tweeters!
If it helps you, one of our materials suppliers deals with B&W and knows their people well. Let me have the serial numbers of your speakers and I'll pass it on and see if they can get you an answer. Regards, Richard at www.vantageaudio.com
I would also contact B&W. In the US they are in Boston. I have emailed them on occassion and gotten quick and thoughtful responses to questions.
I have had problems with older B & W tweeters and i also know of another member here that had problems also. I was probably hitting mine too hard and the other guy's problem was due to quality control. One tweeter measured VERY different than the other. Sean >
B&W support is really good. But their charges for parts are incredibly expensive. I had a tweeter voice coil wire partially fall off(an intermittent connection resulted) on one of my 801 series 3 speakers a couple of years ago. B&W took care of it immediately under warranty. But am I happy I did not have to pay for this part on my own. I suspect you could buy 2 complete speaker systems if you had to buy them by parts. Moral: It can pay to buy from a B&W dealer under warranty.
B&W is actually just a few miles from me and they have been exceedingly helpful and prompt in repairs (a few days). To recone the tweeter is only around $150 but to replace a pair of tweeters is around $1200. The parts for the Silver Sigs are exceedingly expensive since the drivers were only ever used in 2 limited production models and you have to replace the entire housing for the tweeter. I have owned many B&W top of the line products and have never had a problem with any drivers. In terms of dealer support, you are absolutely correct. By the time I bought the Signature 30s, they were already out of production and my dealer had sold his last pair so I went to the used market. My dealer still tries to help where he can but since I am not the original owner, I have to pay to get everything fixed.
thiel has replaced drivers for me on my 3.5's at their cost, when it was out of warranty, & i'm the second owner... b&w should get w/the program...


OP, did you find new Sig tweeters? Or how did you solve the problem? Rebuilt them?

LMK, thanks!

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