B&W Matrix 800 vs the Matrix 801s2

Which one of these comes out as being a better spkr. and are they still competitive with today's used market considering much better front ends amps./preamps and playback equip.? And do they need over sized rooms to work well?
I heart my 800s.  I don't hear very many systems at RMAF that I like better then what's here at home.  And my room's certainly not oversized.

800 matrix here.

The dual woofer arrangement works well

With the 801's as you moved back in the room the bass nodes would change

When you do the same with the 800's is much more even

Very Nice

Either older 800 series were simply extensions of existing technology meaning they added more drivers and enclosure volume. Same great sound same great speakers. Extra output 801’s!!

Had 3 pairs of 801's Hooked to several different krell 250, 300s ect

Never could get Close to live levels out of them

800 Matrix solved that for sure

Dual Midranges brings out more detail.

Vandersteens excellent also (owned those )