B W N801,802 are the best for Plinius?

I went to audition B&W 801,802 with a buddy over the weekend and boy...was I impressed. They were using all ML products, e.g. CD transport, DAC, pre and Monoblock amps, etc. They were using the transparent XL reference cable and I was told that cost as much as the 801 speakers. The whole setup was close to 100k. Probably more than what I can afford in my lifetime on sound system.

Now back to my question: I have the following:

Plinius CD-LAD pre-amp
Plinius SA-250 power amp
Harmonic Technology Pro-silway II Interconnects
MIT MH-750 Shotgun bi-wire speakre cables

I'm going to get Sony SCD-1 CD-player soon.

Does this look like a good combination with N801/802? If not, what speakers will you recommend?

Any comment helps.
I love Plinius equipment with the B&W 802's. A year ago I spent a lot of time researching electronics with the 802's. I listened to ML, Krell, Proceed and others, but really liked Plinius. I ended up with Plinius M16 pre-amp and the SA-100III amp.
I'm looking for warm mid range and strong but controlled base. I like female vocal and string instruments especially acoustic guitar.

Question for Mickeyj, is the SA-100III amp enough to drive the 802? HOw does it sound?

Any more comments about my system is welcomed. Please let me know if there is something else I can do/change to improve my system even more.

Hello Patrick,
I own the 801n's. My amps are vk-1000 monos and I have a Wadia 861 going direct to the amps. Cabling is Tara labs Rsc Air 1. King Cobra on the Wadia. The Nauitilus line of speakers are special (or sometimes a pain) in that they allow you to hear everything your electronics have to offer.
Therefore, if you scimp on clean power, you will hear it. Your music might be thin sounding without the full dynamic impact you might expect from some passages...especially strings. For me the Plinius amps are great. But I feel they may be too warm for me. My Bats are warm enough. Sometimes I like a little more precision and exactness in the presentation. I am currently looking into Pass Labs. I have had one audition and was impressed. I need to do more research however. My only recommendation is to get rid of the MIT. I have tried this model on my speakers. The music seemed a little masked by these cables. My ic's were not MIT though. Good luck and have fun!