B&W Nautilus 800N . Best amp & preamp setup ?


I own a pair of B&W Nautilus 800N speakers. Truely a great world class speaker. I had sold my JM Lab Utopias after buying the B&W Nautilus 800N.

Currently have several different setups of solid state and tube, hybrid front ends for these the 800N.

From Pass Labs, Threshold to Audio Research and Lamm. I have not been able to make a final decision on what setup to use with my B&W Nautilus 800N.

A little input from fellow 800N or 800 Signature owners is greatly appreciated. Thank you -Bob
After auditioning a few amps and pre-amps, I ended up the McIntosh C46 pre-amp and the MC402 power amp for my system. After a year and a half I am still very pleased with my choice. Another important factor is the music source. When I used my old CD player, the sound left a lot to be desired --- muddy and lacking in punch. Then I got a Linn Unidisk 1.1 through an Audiogon seller ----- and magic! I can honestly say I find this setup a pure joy!
This will be a shocker for most of you. I am powering my Nautilus 800n with an Accuphase A20v. This is a pure class A 20w amp. My B&W dealer is incredulous, but this rig sounds fantastic. I have to agree that there is a bit to be desired with low end punch, but the mids and highs are remarkable. I am currently running with no preamp (yes its loud) and an Ayre disc player on the front end. I am not saying this is my final configuration, but I have enjoyed this for the past year. Go figure. . .

Did anyone try biamping the N800s with identical stereo power amps? I would imagine one has to disconnect the internal crossover and get an active crossover to do it right.

The best thing I can advice is look for a powerfull amp with a 'musical' sound. You need a lot of power or you will have a lack of bass. And I also can advice you an amp which had a warm 'musical' sound. Use powercables who are capable of delivering a lot of power and control like the Purist Audio can do. You also can use a SS poweramp with a tube pre-amp.
I have the Signature 800's runing 4 ML 436's sounds great but need to be biamped. I had mac mc2600's slow and boomy.

good luck