Bache Tribeca 001 /Wolf Audio/Exogal combo- Simply Amazing

Hi All,
I believe I am finallly DONE. A few months ago I took a chance and purchased a pair of bache tribeca speakers(unheard) but liberal return policy. I was intrigued by single driver.  My source is WOLF audio systems (heard at DC show/also amazing upgrade from Bluesound Vault). Speakers powered by Exogal ION AMP and DAC Exogal Comet (also amazing products). Highly recommend all 3 as my system has never sounded better. In this hobby for 40 years and owned too many speakers to mention (Nola/Salk/Kef/Paradigm/Sonus) etc. For the money/bang for the buck nothing I have owned is better than the Tribeca. Customer Service from WOLF/Exogal & Bache is simply the BEST I have ever expereinced with any product or service. So much gratitude for Greg at Bache; Joe at WOLF; Jeff at Exogal. Just great people that share a passion not only for music but in providing a level of customer service unparalled in any industry.Highly recommend as BEST OF. Much peace and audio enjoyment to my fellow hobbyists. Wishing you the same success. Now back to the music !
I believe I am finally DONE.

Congratulations @kenjay35 

Which Wolf Audio server? Thanks.
Hi, I'm using the Wolf Lunar which for my needs is spectacular and worth much much more than the retail price. Joe is simply the best. They were on the phone with me as long as necessary to make sure all was perfect. next level customer service like i've never experienced. Highly recommend any of his systems. Others are no comparison IMHO. and owned and heard many. Thanks
Hey Ken, thanks for the mention. The Luna is a great system and is about to get better - we have made our Flux Capacitor card smaller - to fit into the Luna case and provide a big step up in USB audio quality. Existing Luna owners can upgrade, so lets talk.  -Joe from Wolf-
Hi Joe, Seriously the least I could do is post a positive message about you and your amazing products/service. REALLY the best service I have ever experienced. And beyond that a product (the Lunar) improved my system so much (would estimate at least 20%) over the Bluesound Vault. This can be an expensive hobby and most of us are of middle income. It is all about value /price ratio. bang for your buck; the elusive sweet spot, before the law of diminishing returns kicks in. To me that is ALL of your reasonably priced /next level products. A sound that is simply AMAZING! I dont know the technical details but my ears dont lie. And I remain grateful  for your vision/passion and result.
Thanks Ken for you real feedback, you got my speakers without testing
so is very rare and you was awarded for getting Tribeca-001
Keep enjoying
Greg from Bache

I haven’t even PURCHASED anything from Joe yet and I’ve received excellent customer support! Had a borrowed unit in my system on he spent some phone time helping me work through things....  😁
I'll bet that is a nice setup. Having reviewed the Wolf Audio Red Wolf and the Exogal Comet and Ion with Hyperdrive for, I have pretty good idea of what you are hearing. Nice! Kudos on making a dream system a reality! 

Now, I certainly hope you saved a bit of money for a quality USB cable, power cords, and speaker cables! This will be very important to get the optimum performance from your components. You may think you have the best sound possible, but you still have some gains coming when you work with aftermarket cables.  If you do not yet have the PLUS power supply from Exogal for the Comet, I strongly recommend it.  :) 
Hi Doug, I read your column and posts. Appreciate your comments and recommendations. Forgot to mention. My cables are upgraded. My speaker cables are actually a prototype that Jeff of Exogal sold to me to try; They were a vast improvment and purchased them the same day. Joe at Wolf recommended upgraded USB (that I purchased w/ the Wolf Lunar system)and that connects to the exogal combo. I also have upgraded power cords midlevel from Shunyata and their PS8. Really a nice combo and I feel will be done for awhile. I took some risks w/ not hearing any of the components (including speakers from bache). But the leap of faith paid off. My purchases were based on tooo much research and reading multiple reviews from you and others. So again appreciate your sound and detailed reviews.
Wishing all much peace and happy listening 
Hey @douglas_schroeder  - hope you are doing well. Just wanted to drop a line in here for @kenjay35 -  we are working on the Luna v2, or perhaps the LunaR as some of our guys want us to name it... Ken, I'd welcome your thoughts on version 2 naming.