Backert Labs Rhumba preamp

I am thinking of going to an active line stage for sometime now. I have a separate thread for that and people have suggested some good choices. The reason for this thread if that, while I have all along said that  don't want tubes in the system, a few have convinced me that I should try tubes in the system, especially with ProAcs.
With that said, I researched a few tube preamps, that have XLR out and the Backert Labs Rhumba is the one that has only 2 tubes, which makes me comfortable to "deal in tubes".

I would like to hear from Backert Labs Rhumba owners who moved from Solid State preamplification to this preamp. What are the differences you heard? Any improvements?

I read a review on the Stevehoffman forum and the user mentioned that there is a "hum" in this preamp. This bothers me and hence I decided to check on this forum, if anyone has experienced this with the Rhumba in their system. One poster on this forum also confirmed the "hiss":

So I was wondering, if there are any users who have recently purchased this preamp and what is their experience with the hum/hiss issue.

BTW, I blame Ralph of Atma-Sphere, Almarg  and my dealer for making me consider tube amps :-) Can't believe I am creating this thread.

And how does one acquire an immunity to interconnect cables?  Is it from a consistent exposure to same that you build up a natural resistance to them?  Sheeeesh!🤔😝
Proper inoculation I guess.
however, my encounter with preamp MP-1 is otherwise. In exactly the same setting, all variables are fixed and nothing changed (ie. interconnects, power etc..), i get hum from MP-1 , but i don’t experience hum after i swap to single ended pre. At a friend place, the same MP-1 preamp function just as great.
@philipwu The most likely cause is that the amp you were trying to drive wasn't actually balanced. It may have had the XLR connector (an example of an amp like this is the Lamm 1.1, also any VTL amp equipped with an XLR input), but if the circuit inside wasn't balanced you would totally get a hum. The reason is that the output of a balanced source occurs between pin 2 and 3 of the XLR, and **ignores** ground. If that's connected to a single-ended input, essentially the unused pin (usually pin 3 when this problem shows up) acts like an antenna for noise because the circuit isn't completed! There are several solutions, certain adapters can be made to work, line transformers and its often possible to modify the amp slightly so that it will accommodate a balanced input.

I frequently show at audio shows with speakers that are 105db 1 watt/1 meter and do it with no hum.

@milpai  @hifiman5   
the version i upgraded from isn't all that important, simply because v1.2 is better than v1.1  
If you are asking ,for example whether Rhythm v1.1 is better than its cheaper and latest Rhumba Extreme v1.2, that i have no answer as i didn't A/B audition it before. 
What i hear is an overall enhancement by about 10-20% in every sonic attributes, going from Rhumba to Rhythm. i.e sound stage, clarity, dynamics, palpability, airyness, details, transparency and speed too. i'm not good in describing the sonics but it's definitely noticeable improvement.  
Another good thing is Backert Labs preamp are responsive to tube rolling, even though i don't like the addition cost involve with NOS tubes $$$
you may wish to discuss more in depth with Andy about new enhancement in the later versions. 
thanks all

" Does tubes make this kind of music sound "slow and syrupy?"

I can tell you from my experience with the Rhumba 1.2, and using the excellent CBS 5814a tubes, your statement is about as far from the truth as can be.  This is no vintage Conrad Johnson preamp!

I have also used close to a dozen other tubes in the Backert, and never did it become slow and syrupy.... warmer, sure, less detailed, sure, but slow.... never!
@1markr ,I was not talking about the Backert. I was talking about "tube preamps" in general. I would not like to loose the pace and clarity of my system. Warmth - no issues - I was told that ProAcs are meant for that.
Hello - nice to see this thread, we thank milpai and the rest of you.
Something above referred to "the higher output impedance of the preamp" .... actually the Rhumba 1.2 preamp has an output impedance of less than 75 ohms, which is quite low. It allows the Rhumba to mate nicely with any power amp you might select.
Thanks again and please don't hesitate to write us, or call if you have any questions.
-Andy Tebbe
Backert Labs