Backup Ampex 440c live recording with digital?

This question belongs in the pro venue, however, we audiophools buy the music so here goes.

I started live RTR recordings with my Ampex 440 C machine fitted with new Flux Magnetics heads all put together by ATR Services. The artist asked me why I didn't back up my RTR with a digital recorder. I used a Grace Designs Mic Pre to feed the Ampex. It has two outputs per channel so the second output could feed a digital recorder:-)

The Grace has outputs to feed two independent recording devices so I have nothing to loose by hanging a digital device on the second output on the Grace Pre.

Knowing nothing about digital and the gear it takes to reproduce it, I zero'ed in on a Korg 2000S.

At $2,200 it's cheap by audiophile standards but it might not meet muster.

If you have an opinion I'd love to hear it as I'm an analog guy , Vinyl and Tape.