Balanced cables: newbie DIY needs help

Finally decided that is was time to switch from singled ended to balanced interconnect from my BAT VK30 preamp to my BATVK500 amp. I needed a 25 foot run and really couldn't find anything long enough or reasonably priced so I got in touch with The Parts Connection. I bought two 25 foot runs of Goertz Copper Purl @ $6 a foot, and four Neutrik gold pin connectors for $4 a copy. Bought some WBT solder and I'm good to go. Here's the thing I don't git. Three strands in the wire, and three solder points on the connector. Looking at the connector, I really have no idea where the positive, negative, and ground goes. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Much appreciated, Jeff
Pin1 is ground/return, Pin2 is signal "hot", Pin3 is signal "cold". Hope this helps, regards, Richard @
Should also add that between connectors the pins should be connected Pin1 to Pin1, Pin2 to Pin2, Pin3 to Pin3. Richard.
If you look carefully, you will see that the pins are numbered on the Neutrik connectors. There are actually four connections to be soldered on each connector. There is a tab with a small hole and this needs to be connected to pin 1. You can make a little jumper out of a piece of lead from a cap or resistor or attach part of the shield to this tab.
Thanks fellas. Yeah, I noticed that little tab, I figured it had some sort of purpose. Wonder why it doesn't come already attached to pin 1? Odd. The other challenge is the wire itself; the positive is obvious but it's impossible to tell which of the other two wires are which. A multimeter will come in handy. In any event, soldering some connectors doesn't take a whole lot of time or skill, and sure seems to save a LOT of money doing it yourself.
Ideally you should leave the tag to "float". Do not connect this to Pin1 especially of you have signal ground above chassis ground. If necessary, and this is system dependent, you can connect the tag to Pin1 via a small signal capacitor. You can also connect tag to tag in a four wire hook-up. Regards, Richard.