Baltimore Area Audiogoners--Help Needed

Hi All,

Is there anyone in the Baltimore area that has experience setting up a VPI Aries with JMW 12.5 tonearm? I am trying different set up tools and have a couple of test discs, but still have some questions. I would appreciate hearing from any of you that might be able to lend a hand.

Thanks very much for your consideration!
It's a bit of a drive but the guys at Deja Vu Audio in Mclean Virginia are analog experts and I'm sure they would do the setup for you for a nominal fee. Their number is (703) 734-9391. I'm not affiliated just a happy customer. Good luck!
Hell, if you're willing to drive that far, I'll do it for nothing and save you 15 miles. I'm in Potomac, MD. Do you have the VPI set-up jig? What cartridge? Feel free to contact me off-line. Dave
Are you an analog expert in Potomac? I'm in DC and may want to bend your ear when I finally get back into analog, if you don't mind?
Bend away, Jond. Not sure if I'm an "analog expert," but I've been into it for a long time.
I have the VPI Aries 2/sme iv. I found the setup to be about the arm and cartridge. Once I screwed in the armboard it was just about making fine adjustments to the arm. With a dedicated arm yours should be easier.