Banana Plug Wall Plate w/Cabling

After recently talking my wife into accepting some small floor standing speakers (GoldenEar Triton 7s). The tradeoff is that I have to hide cords and components -- except the turntable. That's ok to have out w/vinyl collection.

So this is what I am planning:

* Run some Belkin wire from BlueJeans directly from the Peachtree Nova 125SE inside of a cabinet, down through the floor, and up into the wall near the speakers.
* Terminate the wire at a banana plug wall plate for each speaker.
* Run a short 1-2 ft banana plug speaker cable from wall to speaker.
* In addition, I have on order the Xantech IR receiver that would be wired to control the Peachtree located in a cabinet along with Rega Fono amp and Apple TV.

So here are my questions:

1) I suspect many on this forum would advise against having a wall plate connection between my amp and speakers. Maybe this is heretical in these parts;) So what are the problems of doing it this way, and is there a better brand/maker for these types of wall plates? The ones at BlueJeans are out of stock.

2) The cable runs to the speakers are of unequal length (20 vs. 10 ft). I am assuming I should run the lengths of wire the same even though one will be much longer -- or is this not necessary?

3). Assuming the amp to wall plate is OK. Does the last stretch of 1-2 ft. cable from the wall plate to the speaker matter in terms of type of cable? Just continue the Belkin?

As for placing the amp in between the speakers, this is not an option with the room layout. Also, I know there are wall plates that just allow cords to 'exit' and keep a single run, and that might be an option, but I know my kids would probably pull on them and push legos into the holes.

Just wondering your thoughts/experiences.
These in a Leviton Brand are available at HomeDepot and have more flexability but here is a sample of what you can use.

Also look at these as an option:

This would let you run one continuous length of cable and avoid 4 additional signal losing connections by using plug-in wall plates

2)Yes I would keep the length as close to the same as possible, but don't coil the excess.

3)Depending on the method you choose, always try to use the same cable from amp to speaker. Don't waste money on expensive cables for one segment of the run.

And lastly, I preface with:I am sure you are very happy, but thank you for reminding me why I am single....."just kidding of course"'s just something happy folk do....more kidding of course.

Good luck, by the way the Tritons are way way under-priced for the performance they yield. I have heard most of the line and that company has raised the bar!
Why not buy a pass-through wallplate? Run the Belkin from "Peachtree Nova 125SE inside of a cabinet, down through the floor, and up into the wall near the speakers." At the wall, bring the wire up and out the pass-thru plate. One continuous connection and a nice finished look.

Like this:
@Theo, yes, being single w/o kids has MANY audio advantages -- not just cabling and speaker related either.

@kgturner, those are the 'exit' wall plates I was looking at but thought they might be too attractive of a nuisance for the kids. When all is said and done, I may just go this route. It will be cheaper and more direct with cabling. I have inspected the crawl space and think that I could retrieve or limit most of the debris deposited by kids through the opening. And eventually they will get bored with the hole that makes their toys disappear.

Do NOT worry about a difference in speaker cable length, it will make NO audible difference unless one is 5 ft. and the other 5,000 ft...

I've used something like this:

You should be able to fit a cable through some of the holes and they offer flush covers for the unused holes (leaving little to no room for small toys). I used this to wire in some cat5e for internet and used an extra hole when satellite dish was installed and just passed it through to the satellite box (they also offer connections for coax, but I wasn't motivated to go get some).

I've also used the banana plug wall plates to route cable to my surround speakers and a second zone. It is nice to have the clean look (and easy hookup and disconnect) and sound quality wasn't as critical to those speakers. My amp is near my front speakers, so they are direct connect.
Regarding question #1: I would get a box cover, drill a hole to fit the speaker wire, determine the length of wire to extend beyond the cover, wrap electrical around speaker wire on interior of cover so that wire can’t be pulled through. No break in wire needed. Cover can be painted same as wall. Little cost.

I agree with Theo, your Tritons are a great value.
In the end I got a few options, but for my speakers I am going to try use those hole covers for desks. They have a two-inch diameter, and I also got a 2-inch hole drill bit, so hopefully all fits well. I also like the small circular look better than bigger wall plates.

Here is what I bought.