Bannana to spade adapters

I need to hook up bannana terminated speaker cables to a Classe 301 that only accepts spades. Does anyone know of a high quality bannana to spade adapter? (Ironically, I have spade to bannana adapters, but they won't work -- has to be bannana (on the speaker wire termination) to spade at the amp terminal.
There are jumpers available. A lot of Audio Dealers use them to quickly change components for demo purposes.
I've seen them at Spearit Sound in Northampton, Mass. They are online at
I have used uncrimped kimber spades (meant for 8tc) in the past. The bananas fit quite well into the wire end of the spade.
Look at the Audio Advisor website. They carry three or four banana to spade adapters where the spade gets attached to the binding post on the amp or the speaker and the banana on the speaker cable gets inserted into the banana port on the adapter. I think prices range from about 15 to 25 bucks for four.
You can also chack out Cardas' adaptors. I've heard good things about them (but not "them"). I assume you've ruled out the possibility of using the existing bananas, or changing the termination on the cables? Adding an extra link to the chain is not the best of things.
Look's like I had too many 'n's in the Scrabble tray when I started this thread. Audiogone kan wee pwease hev a schpel chekur?? Dat wood bee sew much betur thun have'n to cut n paist frum Mikrosopht Weird. --Lorne
All Nordost dealers have as the speaker cables come with bananas as the factory standard. Therefore, they have a stock of adapters for those that need them.