Basic question about choosing an integrated amp

My old Denon AVR needs to be retired and I’d like to start listening to music again. I plan to retain my Paradigm Monitor 9’s and my Velodyne sub and just want to add an integrated amp. I do want to easily stream music and listen to my CDs. I have a separate system for the TV (and wise or not, Im ok with it). I was planning to get a CA CXA81 but then I was reading that it had no crossover capability. I did some reading and perhaps Im misinterpreting something but it seems like that matters? Now Im leaning toward the NAD C368 - also with easy streaming but with a high pass filter. As you can tell, Im not a sophisticated audiophile but I would like reasonable sound quality. Id appreciate any suggestions or explanations about why I might be on the wrong track. In advance - thank you.
Either of these will be better than your old AVR. Some people think that by crossing over or filtering the low bass from the mains this improves clarity and detail. But the problem is good bass response depends more than anything else on the number of different bass driver locations. Since you want to get as much bass as you can from the mains a crossover is counter-productive. 

Why do you think you need 80 watts? If your speakers are better than 92dB sensitivity then you don't need it, even less so if you were smart and they are 95dB or more. Or if they are below 90dB then you made it hard for any amp to have enough power and should be looking at speakers as much as amps.  

In any case the thing to pay attention to is sound quality. Its hard to find comparisons but you do want to look for reviews that feature comments about sound quality that match your personal preference. If you want hyper detailed and airy, well bad choice but if you do then base your decision on that and not features like crossovers. Hopefully you know that in this price range its smart to look for things like liquid and deep and smooth, anything along those lines. Main thing just skip right past watts and specs and focus on sound quality you will be fine.  

Oh and one of those I noticed has a phono stage. When you start getting used to the better sound quality of the integrated vs the AVR the next logical step will be a turntable, and a phono stage will be a plus. 
How do you run your sub now? many with 2.1 channel audio run there mains full spectrum and set the crossover to supplement the bass.
I think the sensitivity is 90 db. As for turntable, thats a sensitive subject as I had a deep well maintained album collection until a flood destroyed everything so I'll have to make due with streaming and cds. I appreciate the suggestion. Im not under time pressure so Ill do some more research and change my focus. I tend to prefer a brighter sound so I'll look for clues in that direction. Im open to suggestions. Again - thank you.
How do I run my sub now? Simply put, I dont know. I've never done anything to directly address it. The sub used to be the focal point of a booming 5.1 setup in my former life. Ive since grown up.