Bass speaker cables

I have an active bi-amped system. I am using Krell KMA-160s on the bottom and am looking for a good speaker cable for bass response. Does anyone make specific cables for lower frequencies? If not, what cables are recommended for the best bass response? Most of the system is currenty Audioquest or AudioTruth cables.
I'd look at Premier speaker cables at or else email the designer, He once recommended Premiers to me, for a similar goal to yours: they can carry a lot of current. One thing I'd bet the rent money on: they're worlds better than any AudioQuest cable. I've had both, though in a lower-power system than yours.
Audioquest Midnights are EXCELLENT for the low end, but have WAY too much roll-off for full-range IMHO.
I have some new Analysis Plus Oval 9 's which have great bass. What length do you need?
Additonal info: I am running 4 foot runs. My current top end cable is AudioTruth Clear. The current bass is AudioTruth Argent. I can't reverse the cables due to the Fisher connectors on the Levinson amps on the top end. Although I agree with the comment on Midnights, I don't think they would be an improvement over the Argents.
I have been switching between AQ and Tara but have found I like XLO type 5 speaker cables for the lower end.
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