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Apple TV gen 1 question
Mingles is correct. 
B&K ref 70 vs. Sunfire TGP-5 which is the best?
Off the subjust butConsidering B&K want "BK" and ATI is still sorting things out. I would hold off on any b&k purchases. B&K did have some great stuff, but something like a REF 70 being so new in the product line. I would hate for you ... 
B&K 200.5 S2 Power Amp problem - Please help
I had a 7250ii (200X 5) and a 2500 (60 X 5). They had a slow blow fuse, but when it went, nothing worked. Radio Shack may have one, but I think I got mine from an Automotive shop like Autozone or Checkers.It sounds like the vloume knobs in the bac... 
audiophiles take a comic hit
Very Cute 
BK or Marantz Multi Ch ??
I have found B&K Amps to be very solid and strong. I have used a 200w X 5 (7250ii) and a 60W X 5 (I forget the name) and never had a problem watching action packed movies at loud volumes. I also run 3 subs.I never found the Jap amps to be up t... 
Integrated thingy
Mingles,You took the words out of my mouth, I'm going through the same thing. Cables, Home Theater, 2 channel Mono Blocks, Power conditioner, tweek here and there. And now I'm just lookng for a nice intrigrated.So far I think I'm going for a used ... 
Krell showcase or other 5 channel amp
DIW,Totally agree with on being suspicious on the new Krells. I'm not 100% fimilair with your individual Parasound Amp, but I don't think it's going to be an upgrade. If I were you I would look at, Bryston/Lexicon, Plinius, Theta, there was a Coda... 
3 or 5 channel amps but using only 2 channels?
I have a 5 channel amp and only run 2 channels for the fronts. No Problems. 
What I hear with my Panamax 5300EX
I bought a Panamax several years ago. I plugged everything in and was waiting to hear this new great sound. And I did. But like you I wasn't sure I liked the sound. More open and detailed, but Bright. SO I switched it over to my Home Theater syste... 
Toshiba SD9200 mods
I would like to know as well. Mine just took a dumb, so way not Mod it now. 
Speaker suggestions for less than ideal accoustics
I would agree, large Martin Logans, powered with a nice Pass Labs 350 amp. Look out. 
Integrated Amps: Arcam & Audio Refinement
I think both people above said it best, both of these units are nice good sounding Equipment they will get you excellent Performance to Money Ratio. But you don't have to Spend $1200 to get them, I would say Audio Refinement used is running $400-$... 
Home Theatre Bargains for Bedroom System?
I would grab a B&K ref 202 or 101(no DTS), that will run you about 500-700 bucks and a Toshiba Sd-9200 w/DVD-A and HDCD you can get for 400-600 bucks and your golden. Good for both music and HT. $1000 bucks and your done(except speakers), Happ... 
New YBA equipment... Old YBA
I heard they were re-doing there Passion Int. series and Amp/Pre Amp as well. 
Pass Labs Aleph Question
I had a pair of Aleph 2's and found that they were wonderful, in bring you closrer to the music, as you put it. The Mid's are wonderful, High's to die for, they were matched prefectly with a pair of speakers custom made from Celestial Audio in Phx...