battery powered stage - replacing PS Audio

I'm looking at replacing my PS Audio GCPH and want a battery powered solution (horrible home wiring and RF problems). Sonic wise I'd be happy simply replacing what I have with the PS Audio but with a darker background and maybe smoother highs. I want to keep the authoritative low end if possible.

I'm considering the Sutherland Ph3D but are there other options out there? I would also consider the PhD if it truly is as advertised.

Associated Equipment:

Michel Technodec
Benz Micro Glider M
currently deciding between Manley Stingray and Red Wine Audio Sig 30.2
ZYX artsian is a great phono pre and powered by battery
very natural and open sound - solid state
I know of one available or get one of Sora Sounds (Mehran) discounted ones listed here on audiogon
Please give Vinnie Rossi of Red Wine Audio a call.
He will be able to build battery power supply for your phonostage ........ as long as it is SS not vacuum tubes.
The ZYX ARTisan intruques me, anyone have any listening impressions of it versus the stock PS Audio I'm using or a Ph3D?
I can't compare it to those
but it's very natural sounding
has great resolution
and being off the grid isn't colored by line voltage variations

I'm using it with a ZYX Universe

it has mc and mm settings
and comes with a nice little metal 'bullet' case
the ZYX artsian is a nice unit. i have one and use it as a back up to my Tom Evans Groove + srx. The Evans is 3 to 4 times the cost of the ZYX and the ZYX definetly hold its ground.
All the RFI and line noise will still take the ride along the interconnects to and from your battery powered phono stage, since it will still be connected to components that are plugged in.
I would recommend a home audition to ensure that it does solve your problem before you buy.
Have you considered an AC power re-generator like the ones PS Audio (and others) make?

Good luck!

Ogre Systems preamp and phono with separate battery power supplies are very fine.

Consider a Marigo Ultra 5 power cord to deal with your RF issues.
Had both the Artisan and the PS Audio GCPH + PCX mods in my system. The PS Audio is great for the money and was just a tad too 'lean' and lacking dimensionality in my system. The Artisan has a different sound, also accurate, very wide soundstage but I found it not so involving as I had hoped - but it is dynamic and it can swing. I preferred ARC Phono 3SE and Sonic Frontiers Phono 1 to either.

I do use a ZYX pre CPP1 in my system with my UNIverse and that has the same sonic signature as the Artisan and I have found that I like the way it presents an upfront and clear sound - but it has to be in combination with a tubed phono stage.

Having said all of that, an Artisan is a great deal at current pricing from SoraSound.

Shazam, the Artisan is quiet, immune to extraneous noise and very mellow, but full extension on the top end. It has the ZYX house sound of being open, dynamic, accurate, but not so romantic or lush; lots of separation between channels.


I guess you've already made a decision, but I've had the same issue and found a good solution with the Camelot Lancelot Pro phono stage with the Charm II power supply.

Used in conjunction with a Rega P9, RB1000, Benz Micro Glider SL, Rega Exact and Goldring Elite. MC/MM settings can be customized with provided resistors and capacitance. Very quiet background and natural sound.