Battle of the Open Baffles

Watching Jay's video today about the Maco Acoustics speakers, and saw the Caladan's late last year.  Seems like open baffle death match is brewing...


For around a grand you can get a great sounding open baffle speaker that uses the Lii 15 in. driver.      Randy is a great guy to work with.

Pure Audio Projects are awesome. I was at a club gathering a few years ago where the guys from PAP, Hattor, and Lampizator were demoing their gear. I heard the Trio with the voxitiv field coils driven by a Lampi Integrated, not on the market, and the Pacific DAC. Wonderful setup.

The PAP Quintet 15’s , Vox ac 1.5 widebanders with a few mods, XO and wire, are jaw dropping. 8 ft off the front wall, Wall to wall cavernous imaging. Now with addition of the Charter Oaks Peq-1 can even bring the image forward of the front plane on certain recordings. 

+1 for dougthebiker--GR Research NX-Otica. They need a medium level skillset to assemble (and lots of clamps--rent from Home Depot). The CNC work is just about perfect. Or you can always hire a woodworker, carpenter, or handyman to assemble them for you--and still have a great deal. I've listened to many OB speakers, and enjoyed some of them, but NX-Oticas are the best I've heard.