Beating a dead horse - Pre with Pass-Thru

I know this subject (or question) has been asked before, and I, myself, have even started a couple of threads on it. In receiving and researching (with great enjoyment, I might add) all your suggestions on recommended 'balanced' Pre's that have processor pass-thru’s, I realized that many, not all, despite being balanced, did not offer the pass thru function through the balanced inputs; or, if they did, only sported one set of balanced inputs, leaving me short, since both my processor and tranport/DAC have balanced outs.

So, I’m turning to you, the experts, once again, in hopes of finding the elusive pre. In short, does anyone know of an excellent Pre that would have:

1) More than one set of balanced inputs… AND
2) Pass-thru/By-pass function through one of its balanced inputs.
I trust that you will get some additional responses to your inquiry, but let me ask a question that is slightly off the topic, yet germane. Why do you particularly want or need a preamp with balanced inputs (the bypass circuit is obvious)? There are many audiophiles (myself included) that do not think balanced inputs are clearly preferably to single-ended, EXCEPT in situations where you have very long interconnects between your source components and the preamp. I have owned and used preamps with balanced inputs, and never heard any sonic improvement over preamps with single-ended inputs -- but the interconnects never exceeded 1.5 meters (and most were 1.0 meters).

If you were willing to consider a preamp with only single-ended inputs, your choice of preamps would certainly be broader.
Krell KCT is an excellent SS 2 channal pre that has 2 sets of balanced inputs. You can select any input you want for theater pass-through.
Try a used Anthem AVM-2. Amazing sound, lots of balanced inputs and a bypass. You can pick one up for around $1100 used. Soncically this theater pre is amazing. It is very flexible and the bypass makes a noticable difference. I'm sure there are more choices out there but few in that price range with better sound and features.
Hi Sdcampbell,

Mainly, the reason for my desire to seek a balanced approach is simply curiosity. I've heard and read so many opinions on the subject - how balanced is better, etc... - that I now just want to hear for myself.

I've tried tweaks, changing gear, upgrading components, (a never ending hobby, I might add) - all to varying degrees of success and failure. And since going with an all balanced system is the only area I haven't explored, I figure, Why not?? Worst case scenario is, as you allude, that it doesn't make a difference... In that case, I simply switch over to the single ended inputs, which, I've found, will almost always be available to me, unless I buy a pre that is 100% balanced.

Hope that explains it.. :)

To everyone else, those are great suggestions. The pre's you recommend are new ones I hadn't considered. Thanks!
Sonic Frontiers Line series have two sets of balanced inputs and HT passthrough. I haven't tried the passthrough on the balanced inputs, but the manuals are online.
I own a Levinson 380S. It (and similar Levinson models) features both two sets of balanced inputs (it is a true internally-balanced design) plus the ability to assign any input as a passthrough (note that this is not a totally passive direct mode, as the preamp does universally apply very high-quality buffering to all the inputs and outputs, but it will bypass all gain and control stages, and sounds exceedingly transparent so configured).
I have the Sonic Frontiers Line 1. It has the SSP pass through but it is only single ended and not balanced. It works well but I get feedback from my receiver unless I lift the ground on my pre. The SSP works well for me and I wouldn't be without it. Be aware that Sonic Frontiers is only available used now unless a dealer somewhere has some old stock. Used prices are very good and you can get service from Parts Connexion. These are actually the same people who were involved in Sonic Frontiers before Paradigm bought them out. They will also do mods on the SF products as good or better than the original Sonic Frotiers Special Edition (SE) upgrades. You can of course select any of the other fine product listed above. The SF pre's have two pair of balanced inputs and two pair each of balanced and single end outputs. A tape loop is included with the SSP loop. Four pairs of single end inputs. Also has phase invert and mono, both selectable from the funky remote.
I have recently added the Naim NAC 112 with HiCap power supply to my HT system with wonderful results. This is my only Naim piece at this time. I am considering a CD player at some point. For now, I am enjoying the much more refined sound of the seperate pre-amp for all music listening. The Naim integrated very easily (you do need DIN to RCA cables which are available from Naim for a very reasonable amount).

Highly recommended.
Vectorman- the BAT VK3i has everything you are asking, as well as SE inputs to add additional versitility AND optional remote control.