Ok, beating the dead horse AGAIN

Need some kind of suggestion for Pre-amp with Plinius 100 MkIII. Thanks!
Suggestions? Ok how about other equipment your using(i.e., speakers, cd player, interconnects, etc.)? Also, what's your budget? I like tube preamps myself largely, unless your using a passive preamp for low dynamic/highly transparant needs. Otherwise, the tube CAT preamps are really hard to beat high end pre's!
For cheap, the Audio REsearch LS series tube pre's(with the right tubes) are nice preamps. They're a bit warm bodied in the bass though. The Copeland tube pre is a really nice $2k retail preamp, found at around $800 used I think. The Audible Illusiions Mod 3a is highly talked about, but hard to get serviced(takes almost 1 year often for turnaround from factory) if needed. Then the less expensive CJ's are worth trying, perhaps a BAT, and as well as the older Sonic Frontiers SFL2/3 or Line 2 or 3's.(as always, upgraded tubes are usually a plus).
Again, this all depends on system matching of course. I've had speakers that sound good ONLY with all solid state gear! Most high end does well with some sort of TUBE somewhere in the sysetem however. Infact I just came back from CES, and listened to a lot of high end gear, one room after another. Tubes usually sounds more magical, sweet, well bodied, and often more musical. The SS often sounds a bit more cold, neutral, drier, or more clinical. However I've found good compromises with BAT tube stuff.
So you'll just have to try something and you'll know.
Once used Sony CDP directly into the amp. Now own Sony SACD-1 and Dynaudio 3.0. Thanks!
Stop beating dead horses! It's a cruel and borderline sick pastime!! Now that you have stopped, seriously consider a Blue Circle BC3, either in it's Despina or Galatea configuration. It makes a nice match with the Plinius. You might also consider a BAT VK3...
I would not advise using tubes that are rolled off in the treble with the SA-100 mk3. I would advise something in SS like the matching Plinius preamp which can be had used for a very good value. Or you could try to get a Krell KRC-HR which would probably work very well with the Plinius amp.

Or if you had about $3k or so to spend, I would suggest the Ayre K-3x.

Anyway, I had Plinius amps (two SA-100 mk3's) for several years, and they have some problems in the treble which can be seriously compounded by a tube amp that is rolled off on top or dark on top.

I agree plinius dont like tube a lot, I use krell ksl
and replace it with adcom gfa 750, this too make good
music, i tried the art audio it did not work.