Because the word TECH is there.

So its actually a question about the function of this site.

Every other forum I frequent has settings which can be altered to ones taste, which I can not find here.

When I get an email informing me of a new post in a thread I am watching, how do I set it up so that when I click the link in said email that I am directed to the last page and newest posting in that thread. There must be a way as it is the norm in other forums.



As a former Programmer/Analyst, I agree that this platform is rather primitive. I also think Facebook, YouTube and others are equally lacking. As I can do nothing about it, I try to enjoy what is there.

As current IT specialist and possibly will always keep it current till I need a walker assistance, I can tell this site is PRIMITIVE and SIMPLE.
My very best suggestion is to just use it as-is.

Every time their amateur crew try to add some useful features, they either don’t work or make things far worse.


My layman's understanding is that the software development triangle states:  You can have it fast, cheap, right.  Pick any two, the third an outlier.

As a former contract traveler in radiology for a decade, I had the pleasure of experiencing technology across the entire nation in the health field.  42 facilities in total.  What a dangerous joke.  

The more complex it got, cloaked in an effort to make it do more things for the end user, the more times it crashed and did nefarious things like lock out access to all of the pharmacy trays in the emergency room, or crash all of the patient records access blocking requisition generation which killed all imagery as they are digitally linked and there is virtually no workaround.

I'll live with simple working.  It's just an advocation and I'll accept it at this level.  My 2 cents.