Bedini 801 or Audire Forte amps

I have my eye on these vintage pieces and wanted some feedback from others who have either owned or listened to them. I believe the pwr ratings are similiar. My musical tastes are acoustic jazz some r&b and a little classical music. I'm using a gainclone amp from the clone master Tim Rawson at the moment with Mission 750 spkrs and a Aragon 24ksp pre upfront. A Philips 963SA sacd player does the digital duties. Thanks in advance and have a very Merry Christmas.
South, I am very familiar with the Bedini sound, having owned over the years a 25/25, 250/250, and then an 803. Have never heard the Audire. The 80x series of Bedini amps are as musical as all get out, but do have some limitations - one of which is very important. The amp cannot be at the end of a long IC between preamp and amp. In that kind of setup there is a very high likelihood of the input stage of the amp going into oscillation and blowing up. If your IC is going to be more than maybe 12 feet or so I would be concerned. I would also be concerned if you are using even shorter ICs that are known to be highly reactive.

If none of that is an issue then an 801 will give you, in general, a musical, dynamic presentation. The soundtage will be reasonably wide but not as deep as the best amps. The highs will be there as will the lows. If it's a good match for your speakers you should be quite pleased. Having said all that, when I had a chance to try an AVA FetValve in my system I felt it bettered my 803. I am now using a FetValve Ultra.
I have a good friend that owns an Audire amplifier. It's a big brother to the amplifier you're thinking of buying. It seems fairly neutral too me. It doesn't seem to add nor take anything away from the music.Which I guess is what a good amplifier is suppose to do.
Never heard the Bedini.
Tonyptony I thank you for your vast knowledge of Bedini gear. Most of my IC's are 1 meter in length. With this being my first pair of Missions I don't know what amps out there which would provide the ideal match. My gainclone sounds really nice for the moment. The Audire looks to be a dual mono piece as is my gainclone known as the bpa 300. It even has two pwr switches(Audire). Well I'll look for more input from others and wish you all the best in the coming year.
If you compare any Bedini to your other amps, be sure to take into account that the Bedini inverts absolute polarity. This is because it's output stage uses NPN-only devices in a noncomplementary configuration (Plinius does the same). To compensate, either reverse the hookups on both speaker leads, or use a polarity inversion switch on a preamp or DAC.
Gmood1 I agree that a amp should be neutral and let the music flow--thanks. Tafka steve that's useful info as well because I think the seller is without a manual. Keep the info coming.
I have owned and still own both Bedini and Audire. All the Bedini 800 series amps sound better then the Audire Forte on most speakers. The Bedini 25/25 or 801 will do better on reactive loads like Acoustat 2 plus 2s. The Forte would be a better match for Dalquist DQ10s or large Legacy speakers. I have an Audire Tenendo which is about as good as it gets period. Same for the BA803/802(same boards). Other great amps are Perreaux PMF5150/5550/5570 and smaller Perreaux 3400. All great match with Audible Illusions preamps. You are on the right path. The Audire Otez and Parlando should be excellent as well, however, I have never owned them. Stick with bipolar outputs with Audire.