BEDROOM MONITORS, on ceiling.....

I posted a thread earlier about monitors for a bedroom system; I listen to ambient stuff for about 30 minutes while I am nodding off. There was a great suggestion for mounting speakers on the ceiling, at a 45 degree angle, firing a bullseye right to your pineal gland. Any suggestions for a speaker that would fit the bill? As always, thanks for the great suggestions guys!!! Mark
Ah, now you're cooking with gas my friend! Per the other thread you started; if you are still listening only at lower volumes then look for a monitor that is a midrange hero, as bass won't make a difference at low volumes. Mounted on the ceiling will give you the soundstage you were looking for and make the $2k investment more of a worthwhile consideration IMO. Definitely take heed of the safety strap warning. You could use the leather studded dominatrix harness or just a couple of pairs of spair handcuffs at the top of your steel roll cage on your bed. What? Doesn't everyone have those? Only possible drawback is that you'll likely have to drill through or into the beautiful finish of your speakers with most sturdy mounting systems. I've seen a few that hold the speakers in a clamp like device, but don't know how sturdy they are. They sure aren't pretty though and you may then be risking the finish to top and bottom as well. So much for resale value. Definitely look for floor joists to screw the mounts into rather than anchors if you can find them in the right places. Alternatively my friend, Peter, started a thread asking about the possibility of hanging speakers in macrame style rope system. Could be a solution if you're nostalgic for the 60's.

Did you ever think of putting one speaker on either side of your bed at the head pointing to each of your ears? At lower volumes the effect is kind of like wearing headphones. For the ambient music you like to listen to before knodding off that may be just the ticket. I know audiophiles all over are just wincing at the thought!

Good luck!

A speaker similar to the Omega Mini Me should work nicely.Since Louis builds his speakers to custom order. He could make them the color you want and probably design ceiling mount brackets for them.The sound a speaker this size projects from a ceiling has to be heard to be believed.His cabinet building is absolutely beautiful! Pics on the site don't do the speakers justice.
Also the Genelec Active monitor if you want to get radical with it. Genelec makes some kick ass active speakers! All you need is a source.Maybe a wireless squeeze box hooked to your computer..this way you can control the music genre and volume from the bed with no space needed for extra components.