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Laurie Anderson "Homeland"
Ain't it the truth. Still remember the first time I listened to "Life On A String," the walls rattled like never before."Life on a String" is one of a few hdcd'd discs that make me believe in the process. Funny you mention the extension...your amp... 
Laurie Anderson "Homeland"
One thing I really like about Anderson's music is the extension she employs. Full range or subs are a must to hear Laurie's work. 
Audiophile grade country
Jamey Johnson "That Lonesome Song" a country concept album of sorts. 
Which James Bond Theme Recording
Sex Mob!! "Does Bond", "Din Of Inequity" Dynamic, different.Take a listen to Live and Let Die from Din of Inequity Propellerheads on Decksandrumsandrockandroll "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" all infectious, quirky, speaker workouts. 
"Picking On" tribute albums Records 
DIY cable elevators 
12 Volt Trigger/Amp Question??
Hope my post to your query of remote powering an GFA 7400 helped. If your source isn't 12 volt triggered then have it on first. 
Benchmark DAC1USB vs PRE1 vs Transporter
Since the Transporter has no usb in I'm guessing you mean ethernet in, or add an USB to SPDIF converter.For the price of a Transporter you could get a Squeezebox Duet and Dac1 Pre combo.That would give you cheap multiroom expansion capability and ... 
Is it Safe/ok to Plug Amplifier into Processor
Doesn't the GFA 7400 have a 12 volt trigger input and the Outlaw 950 two 12volt trigger outputs? 
Rega Apollo vs. Cambridge Audio Azur 840c
5 player in 3 months! Do they even break in? 
Turn your ear buds into a Horn
wow look at that,the Victrola of this new century. 
Which CD failed you on bass notes?
Janis Ian's Breaking Silence 
background vocalist moves from left to right
I have the release on CD but would have to listen to refresh myself. Maybe a centered backing vocal and the room is boosting frequencies that draw it left. 
Favorite driving music
Kraftwerk/Autobahn~weekend daylight drive to somewhere. 
Favorite driving music
Pat Metheny's "Secret Story" right before dusk is perfecto