Low cost bedroom speakers

I'm looking for speakers for my bedroom. Budget $500 or less, used ok. I'm replacing my RSL Studio Monitors & listen to Rock, Jazz & Classical. Will be driven by an older Marantz receiver. Your suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

thanks in advance
Dyanaudio Audience 42's are what I have in my bedroom (driven by an 80 wpc Arcam integrated amp). Big sound and nice bass for a small monitor. Just make sure your reciever is at least 80 wpc. You should be able to pick them up used for $400 or so. They also have the previous model... Audience 40's.
Another recommendation for the Dynaudio Audience 42's. I don't know how big your bedroom is but my NAD 320bee (50W) does just fine with my 42's in my bedroom.
Can any of the responders compare the Audience 40, 42 and 52's ? The 52's were recommended to me for placement on a wall shelf.
The B&W 600 series is really nice for this use. I had a similar set up once using the 601's.
Saki70... I own both the Audience 42's (bedroom), and the 52's (family room for A/V system). They are both great little speakers with similar attributes. The 52's are superior to the 42's in many ways (bass, soundstage, fuller sound), but also cost about 1/3rd more. Both are winners in my book.
I had been using NHT SB2 monitors with a Marantz 2240 vintage receiver in a bedroom system for the last two years. Very pleasing combination ... the excellent tuner and better than average amplifier of the Marantz with the smooth treble and detailed midrange and bass of the NHT's. I had tried a number of monitors over the last five years (B&W 302; Wharfedale Diamond 8; EPOS ESL3; Omega Super 3) but the NHT's were clearly the best. Also, the NHT's are acoustic suspension/sealed box so near wall/shelf placement is not an issue.

NHT is revamping their line, so the NHT SB2 which listed for $400 are available for about $300 new if you look around. I replaced the Marantz this week with an Outlaw RR2150 stereo receiver. The Marantz started to develop a hum and would probably require servicing (capacitors) and I just did not want to put any more money into it.

Regards, Rich
If you move up in price just a tad the Totem Model 1s will amaze you. I am using a pair in my bedroom with great results. The problem I have is they are more fun to listen to than my full size speakers.

I am happy with the Outlaw RR2150 so far. The tuner is excellent ... it pulls in a lot of stations cleanly and clearly with just a simple set of rabbit ears ... that is quite an accomplishment given that I live in a typical NYC apartment house with its metal window frames, stairwells, etc.

The amplifier is pretty sweet as well, but I am getting the feeling that the Outlaw will require quality source components to sound its best. I am currently using a SONY RDR GX300 DVD recorder/player and the highs can be a touch sharp in places ... a trait of SONY DVD players. I either need to make room for a dedicated CD player in the rack or get a better universal player ... here it is 4AM on New Year's Day and I am gearing up to break a resolution about buying more equipment! Great hobby! Mid-bass and bass are pretty good though and the NHT's help as they go down to 50 hz or so.

I will not be using the Outlaw with a turntable, though if one wants to, it has provisions for both MC and MM cartridges. It also has a front panel 1/8 jack for hooking up an iPod. It's a well designed, easy on the eyes, well bult receiver. My wife likes its sound and looks too ... always a pleasant surprise. She immediately noticed how clearly and cleanly her lite jazz stations were sounding.

We'll see how life with the Outlaw goes. I am sorry to retire the Marantz and who knows, maybe in a few months I will pony up the bucks and have it repaired. I do like the Outlaw much better than an Arcam AVR200 that I purchased new and sold within a week because the tuner was not to my liking. It is also easily better than the Technics SX50 digital receiver, which was way too sterile sounding to my ears.

Regards, Rich
Krix Equinox. $300-$400 used, $600 new. Simply incredible for the price - or even twice the price. Beautiful detail, imaging, and depth. I own higher priced ATC, Quad, and Rogers, and I am still impressed by these. It is amazing what these little bookshelfs can do. They sound much bigger and richer than their size would suggest, and are a joy to listen to with rock, jazz, and classical, handling each with authority. If a recording is not up to snuff, the Krix will definitely let you know.