Bel Canto or PS Audio???

I am trying to come up with ideas for my Quad 21l2s. Key priorities are low-volume soundstage and detail. Music pref. is jazz. Piano trio and sax combo mostly.

I could do the Bel Canto s300 integrated, the PS Audio trio integrated, or if I do used, possibly Bel Canto or PS Audio separates. Not to mention, their are several pairs of Bel Canto M300 power amps here that are appealing, which I could put together with a cheaper pre-amp (PS-Audio).


The Bel Canto S300, M300 and PS Audio A100 use the same ICE modules (ASC200). There are several other makers including Cary, Wyred, and Jeff Rowland using the same modules. From what I have noticed, the main differences seem to be in how the input is handled and whether or not the incoming AC is manipulated.
If you check the manufacturer's web sites and various reviews you can see pics of the differences. The PS Audio version is the only one of the bunch that I could not find a picture of the inside with board layout and wiring so I removed the cover on mine and took some pics for comparison.
I have owned the S300 and currently have two PS Audio amps. I like the PS Audio version for two reasons. First is the ability to run a pair in a bi-amp configuration with the flip of a switch on the back. Secondly, they seem to be the least expensive on the used market. It's a real bargain IMO and right now there are a few on ebay and Agon.
The question has to be, how different can they sound? Or for your search, which one suits your Quads and your taste? That my friend, you'll have to find out for yourself.