Belated obituary to a jazz great

Jeez, I feel like the apostle of doom the past month. This is the third post I've made in 30 days about a major music figure passing (first John Lee Hooker, then Chet Atkins, now this). I just read a note on Stereophile's Web site that tenor sax great, Joe Henderson, died on June 30th. Here's the link to the Stereophile article:
Try his late masterpiece "Lush Life" The vanguard stuff with Foster and Carter, and back to his early BN's like "In and Out" and "Inner Urge".When folks ask me why I love jazz so much I say among other things that an individuals personality comes out in the rendition of a standard even more than a original composition.To wit Henersons AMAZING cover of "Night and Day" the last track on Inner Urge.If that tune isn't what it's all about i don't what is.So long Joe............
Oh yeah.SdCambell I am sure we can take up a collection for you to attend as many Kenny G and John Tesh concerts as your schedule permits.
I too feel a great loss with the Passing of these giants. You can add Stanley Turrentine to the list. I understand he passed away about two weeks ago. Stanley has a full legacy of recorded music on the Bluenote label for us to remember him by.

Chazzbo: I'd be delighted to play "grim reaper" at the concerts of the guys you mention -- and I'd add another 15-20 more, plus a whole pile of rappers....