Rondi H. D'Agostino Obituary

Rondi D'Agostino, president of Krell Audio has passed away. A friend who worked at Krell told me she fell down the stairs at home. Krell is of course closed for the time being as she was the main owner if not the only one. This is very sad news as most will agree.




That's too bad. I spoke with her for the first time a few weeks ago when I called with a question about a Krell PAM 3.

I am saddened and shocked ,I had called and spoken with her just last week ..I have owned their products . Rondi was always down to earth and pleasant to speak with , R.I.P and my sympathies to her family. 

We are a Krell dealer

here are a few relevant facts:

Krell is not shutting down and everyone there will be continuing in their current positions:

Krell has been re-energized with their new flagship amplifiers:

the new i400 and i800 are true flagship amplifiers designed to match or outperform Gryphon, Boulder, Dagastino, and all the rest of the worlds best amplifiers.


i800 and i400,well before this tragedy occurred.

Recently Rhondi hired a new CEO, and this info, was about to be released.

Rhondis’s husband has Alzheimer’s so she was stepping down from her leadership role from Krell to manage his care and had hired a new CEO to take her place, so her death was a tragic occurrence, however she was stepping down and had put in place a new management team to ensure Krell’s continuity, before her untimely accident.


Dave and Troy

Audio intellect NJ

Krell Dealer

Good to know Dave and Troy. I've owned just about every incarnation of Krell amps And am good friends with ex employee Patrick.

I once met Rhondi briefly when visiting the Krell plane in Orange, CT.  She and Dan D'Agostino were still an item at the time. A sad ending to a nice lady.  RIP




Such tragic news, RIP Rondi. My prayers go out to all family and the Krell team.

That’s very sad. I’ve always liked Krell and of course ML and Dagostino products. my condolences to her family. Thanks for the link lostsouth, I really enjoyed reading that interview with SG.

Very sad... RIP Rondi!

"Krell Industries will temporarily close its operations for the next few weeks",  i shipped amplifier for service to the krell factory few days ago, is there any information about whether the warehouse will be be open for receiving the stuff, or everything is close? I emailed and called to them but no answer, maybe someone know information about it.



Hmmm....hard to understand why they'd close when a new president had already been chosen. Seems very unprofessional to not even have a secretary answering phone calls. Krell is a little too big for that nonsense.

Out of respect to the Krell family,  R.I.P Rondi! However, unfortunately I have to agree with Roxy54, I am a newbie to Krell and just shipped my Krell amp to them and the shipping company can't deliver because no one is available. Thank you Audiogon members for this post, because after many unsuccessful attemps trying to calls and find what's going on I found this information. 


Nonetheless, my heart goes out to the family.


Thank you.