Bell Labs Computer Speech EP?

When my grandmother recently passed away, I inherited a bunch 78s, LPs, and EPs, one of which was an EP titled Computer Speech. Being a computer scientist by day, I was deeply fascinated. The EP was put out by Bell Labs in 1963 to demonstrate their research into English language speech synthesis. I am curious if anyone who was been collecting records for longer than myself has heard of this project, or knows of any additional sources of info (the EP itself has a pretty detailed description of the project). I tried googling the producer (D. H. VanLenten), and the project title and did not find much, other than this Word document. Just curious...
Try googling Bell Labs computer music and you will get more results. The EMF Institute even has a snippet of a computer singing "Bicycle Built for Two" as well as a nice timeline. A lot of this research was done as part of computer music research. Max Mathews, today hailed as the father of computer music, held the title "Director of Acoustic and Behavioral Research" until 1985 so the work would of been done under him. There's a lot of interesting sounds produced out of these researches at Bell and Princeton and others who set up computer music labs.
Good luck, it's fascinating stuff.