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Fidelity Research FR-7 Repair
So my cartridge is back. But I'm packing up to leave town for two weeks. Guess it will have to wait. By the way, have you guys seen this protractor:https://www.ebay.com/itm/Fidelity-Research-FR-64-FR-64S-FR-64FX-Tonearm-Cartridge-Alignment-Protrac... 
WHat did Audiophiles hear during Tape deck era?
Many of us didn't have audiophile quality. We just enjoyed the music without all the analyzing. Even when it was BTO fading out midsong so it could ker-chunk and fade back up on the in-car 8-track. Good times. 
How do you share the sweet spot?
On that rare occasion when I'm sharing I wouldn't dream of sitting in the sweet spot. The entire point in that case would be to share the experience. Well, to show off the system, too. I usually sit to the side, after all, it's still music. 
forum.audiogon.com Upgrade
I hate those endless scrolling forums. Drives me nuts. But yeah, pics of various memes would be...amusing? 
Anyone with tinnitus or hearing loss who is into "high-end" audio?
I have tinnitus. I went to see a loud Japanese band (Acid Mother's Temple) and afterwards the ringing didn't go away. I have been seeing bands since the late 70's and saw an awful lot of punk, industrial and free jazz concerts in small clubs. Work... 
CD Transport to pair with Audio Note DAC 5 - suggestions?
I wish I could speak to your Audio Note DAC. FWIW, I recently I decided to upgrade out of a CDP and go transport and DAC. I bought a used CEC TL5 and bought the Mhdt Orchid. I was trying to elevate my CD's to something approaching my analog front ... 
Fidelity Research FR-7 Repair
I own other cartridges. I will never use these cartridges. They were a stopgap because my Fidelity Research was damaged. They were failures in comparison. It’s like I bought a Yugo to get me to work after I crashed my Bentley. Now that the Bentley... 
Fidelity Research FR-7 Repair
I'm not getting the Feickert because my buddy has a protractor. I'll never use another cartridge again. I don't never know where the Orsonic is at this point. My plan is to install the FR-7 and hope it lasts forever. Well, maybe next year I'll buy... 
Fidelity Research FR-7 Repair
I'll post pics when I get it back. And yes, I have the regular FR-64, not the S. A friend whose going to help me setup the cartridge told me he has a protractor so I didn't buy the Dr. Feickart. For a long time I was running various carts in a Ors... 
Retipping Cartridge
I only heard about Soundsmith so I sent it to them. I thought the turnaround time would be longer and it was so short that it's going to be back before I'm ready for it. No worries, it was broken for 20 years and fixed in under a week. It can wait... 
With the above comment about the clamp, does that mean that you would not recommend the MyMat for people that use a clamp? 
cable connection
I would go pre > amp. Like millercarbon said, then everything goes through your best pipe. 
XLR adaptor advice
What about having someone re-terminate the cables? 
IsoAcoustics GAIA footers: impressions
I never heard back from IsoAcoustics. I did hear back from the people at Herbie’s and ended up going with the threaded stud gliders and the Fat Dots. An inexpensive way to solve my current problem. We’ll see how it sounds in practice. The Solidair... 
Fidelity Research FR-7 Repair
That's interesting. I think it's great that there's still movement in this area. Thanks for posting that information. Soundsmith said that the aluminum they had access to was softer, hence boron being a better choice.I own an Ebony view camera and...