Bellari EQ570 Connected to McIntosh MA6600 Integrated Amp

I added a Bellari EQ570 to my McIntosh based system with my MA6600. The only way I can see to connect it is via the pre out and main in on my MA6600. I removed the McIntosh jumpers, and inserted the EQ into the system. It sounds excellent with no distortion I can hear and I am able to tame the midrange forwardness to my liking. This is a 4 band EQ with controls at 60hz, 450hz, 2000hz and 8000hz. I am liking the sound very much.

However, and there usually is a however, if I press the bypass switch on the EQ while the system is powered up (which is the way it should be), I get a very loud pop through the speakers and both power guards light up for a couple of seconds. The same if I put the power on after the integrated is turned on. It doesn’t matter if the volume control is on, or muted. This worrys me. Should I be concerned or just use those 2 switches before I turn on the integrated? Because of this, I am on the fence weather to keep it or not. I wish the integrated had a tape monitor switch, then I could hook it up to the tape loop.

I really like what this EQ does to tame the midrange forwardness on my JBL L100 Classic speakers but the problem above is very bothersome and worrys me as I don’t want to damage the integrated or the speakers. I see that Schiit Audio makes a very similar EQ and the only reason I didn’t buy it is because the bass adjustment control is at 20hz instead of 60hz on the Bellari.  I did send a message to Schiit asking them speciffically.   Should I keep it or send it back? Thoughts???

Do you still get the pop if you turn the volume attenuator to 0 or mute the system first? 

Yes I do, even if the mute button is on I still get the very loud pop, it pegs my power meters on the Mac and makes the Power Guard lights on the amp go on.  I talked to Tom at Schiit Audio and they said the Loki does not do this at all as they were tested with McIntosh.  Today IGot the RA and shipped the Loki back to B&H Photo.  They are very good at processing returns so I should have my refund by end of next week.

In the meantime, I ordered a Loki from Schiit Audio, but it is backordered,  I should have it within a few weeks.  The day after I ordered the Loki from Schiit, I saw a used on on here for sale and it was only 10  miles from me.  The person was asking only $90.00.  Always a day late and a dollar short.
I owned a Loki. Nice product. Very quiet. I thought it allows nice adjustment of tone while not getting in the way.  
Back your problem at hand:  I’d return and exchange the unit to my dealer or manufacturer. I’d also try the Loki.  
@jbhiller ,

I returned the Bellari to B&H and got a refund.  I bought a Loki second hand and it gave the same noise.  I didn't care for the Loki as much because the bass frequency is 20hz compared to 60hz on the Bellari.  Because of that and the fact that I still got the noise, I gave the loki to my brother to use in his system.  He has the Polk SDA towers.  I bought another Bellari off Amazon and put it back into the system last week.

As long as I turn the EQ on first and shut it off last, I do not get the loud noise or any noise.   By boosting the 60hz frequency 2DB, it made a big difference for the better to the bass presentation.  I knock the 2K control back 2DB and that takes care of the forwardness of the speaker.  I am really enjoying the JBL's now.