Mcintosh MA6600

Looking for some advice here. I want to upgrade my Integrated and eventually speakers, but one step at a time.

Current setup: Metrum Ambre (Streamer) > Metrum Onyx (DAC) > Rotel RA 1572 with Rotel 990BX > B&W 683S2

I've been thinking about Mcintosh for a long time and want to take the plunge with an Integrated.

I need to be able to use XLR from DAC to Integrated. Will hook up turntable as well.

I will either get new 700 series B&W or used Diamond (bookshelf)

The MA6600 seems to be a good choice, but wanted to see what everyone else thinks. Mostly looking at used prices

Budget $3-4k

You absolutely need to hear it before committing. Pay special attention to the mid and treble balance, and long term listening.

With the B&W especially.

If you go with the W Diamonds, the tweeter caps are the only things holding them back. Replace them for $7-$20 each and they are really good.
I am a proud owner of a Mac MA6600.  It is the best integrated I have had in my secondary system.  This integrated bested a Classe  CAP150 integrated, a Rogue Cronus Magnum  tube integrated and a Parasound Halo integrated.  None of them compare.  The MA6600 is 200wpc with 2 db headroom and has many inputs and outputs PLUS bass and treble controls.  I purchased mine at Audio Classics in September 2017 for $3400.00.  It was so clean I thought it was brand new and I have never had any issues with it.  I play this amp every day at least 6 hours.
@stereo5 dang that is a good price. All the ones are audioclassics are about $3900 right now...ha! 

I'm torn between upgrading speakers and Integrated.... What speakers are you driving with the MA6600?
I am running GE Triton 1 speakers with the MA6600. The price on Audio Classics site is the same they were asking for my amp. I asked what their best price was and they came up with $3400.00. This was during the Summer when they weren"t very busy so YMMV.
I Have the updated mac7200, also 200w integrated. You have to listen yourself to decide. McIntoshs are definitely “soft” “ polite “ as most people would call them. Meaning not clearest , not fast n not ponchy. I can accept them for easy n long listening without ear furtige. Other people don’t like them. I don’t blame them. So go listen 

Happy to be of help.  Post your impressions once you receive it.
@stereo5  so this amplifier is amazing..duh!! It's fantastic and so fun to just look at!! Now....upgrading the speakers ;)

I only have my Rotel 1572 to compare and I'm not sure that is a great comparison, but by and large, EVERYTHING is better which was to be expected.  Does your unit get warm/hot? I noticed the right side gets a little bit warmer than the other. I do have a AIRCOM that I used for the top of my older Rotel power amp that got kinda of hot.

Just curious if I should use that to be safe?
I play mine at low volume.  The volume control never goes past 33 and mine is never warm.  You could ask Audio Classics what they think.  
I've owed my 6600 for 2 months now. I just can't wait to fire her up every day. 
This is most certainly my last amplifier. Friends have equipment they paid far
more for and can't believe how much more musical this puppy sounds.  
I couldnt be happier. 😀
I'm driving Harbeth 30.1's with the MA6600. 
Oracle Alexandra with a Grado cart at the front end. 
Jazz, Blues and Rock in that order is what I listen to. 
This set up impresses anyone who hears it. 
I think for the $$ it sounds amazing. 

kfz03110, what is the "updated 7200" which you mention? What updated did you do?