Benchmark or McIntosh....

Brain says two Benchmark ABH2 as monoblocks. Heart says Mc because meters and more power. A little background info:

Mixed-use theater/listening room. More listening versus movies. Primary source is a Hifi Rose RS150B into an Anthem AVM 70 pre/pro. Current amplifier is a Wadia A315 at 150x2. Speakers are NHT M6 monitors (a 6 ohm/ 250w sealed speaker, which is exceedingly rare and why I still have them.) I have seven 21" subwoofers so it is fairly equivalent to a live concert when everything is fired up but I need a little more oomph from the monitors.

I was set on a pair ABH2s earlier this week, but I keep getting drawn back to McIntosh - primarily monos MC601 MC611 MC1201 etc...

Do I pick Mc with more power (will probably be a second-hand model due to availability/wait times/budget etc) or so I go for the Benchmark with superior SNR (pre/pro is 110db and Hifi Rose is 117db)

TIA for any real-world feedback!


Wow! That's a lot of subs.

My only benchmark experiences are with my headphone amp, but I would agree with the general feeling that Benchmark is more about detail and accuracy, while McIntosh is more about midrange and lower treble roll off and liquidity of sound.

I'm more now then ever enjoying amps with warmth and depth and get my details out of my DAC's and tube selection.

So I'd personally go with McIntosh if choosing between just those two, but honestly I think a Parasound JC5 would do it for you.

I absolutely loved that amp and feel it's kinda of a auditory mid ground between those two brands you mentioned. have SEVEN 21" sub woofers in your room and you need a little more "oomph" ??? have SEVEN 21" sub woofers in your room and you need a little more "oomph" ???


A bit more oomph? All these amps are within less than 2 dB of each other and 3dB more than your current amp. A bit is about all you’ll get. All you can get. While you may rightly love your NHTs, you need to take a jump up in speakers to even begin to match up to your subs. JBL 4367s come to mind.


McIntosh 100%, build quality, sound, resale, warranty, etc. you won’t regret it!