Mcintosh 501 - Front -Left - Center B&W802D -Mcintosh 402- Rear B&W803D B&W Cables ?


I have all this great gear that I have owned for 10 years, recently moved and setting up again for 20% theater 80% audio 

The current cables - connects are 

Alpha Core Goertz TQ-2 Slver

AG -2 Verocity 

Center Speker is on Transparent Music Wave Ultra

Any thoughts on improving this equipment with cabling ? 

Much appreciated 



I would not run silver cables with Mac and B&Ws. Solid copper would be my choice. 

Anyone ever wondered how in the "Recent Activity" listings, B&W always shows up as B&amp? Is it just me, or is this annoying? I know this is a result of some type of "autocorrection" on the Audiogon site and nothing to do with the OP.

BTW MBA; we have something in common with our systems. My HT system uses B&W 802D, HTM2D, N805 and an ASW850 sub all driven by an McIntosh MC207. The 802D speakers are bi amped from the MC207. All sounds and looks great to me. As for cabling, Blue Jeans Cable XLR and speakers cables work fine IMHO, to say nothing of fantastic value for money and outstanding customer service. I have no connection with the company, just like their products.