Bennett Sound Corporation Compusound Circuit (integrated amp/crossover) question


I am new to the forum but have a question that I am struggling to answer.  I have a Kinergetics SW-200 integrated power amp/crossover that incorporates a Bennett Sound Corporation (BSC) Compusound circuit in the system.  The amp is quite old, so I thought I might look at using a miniDSP to do the crossover, but I can't find any technical information on the BSC circuit. Does anyone have any specific technical information on the circuit that I might use as input into building a digital filter to emulate the BSC circuit.  The SW-200 drives a pair of SW-100 kinergetics subwoofers and I am running a pair of Martin Logan CLS's in which I recently replaced the panels.

Many Thanks, Mike
I'd give up on the BSC, and focus on measuring your own setup.

Every room is different, and the miniDSP will give you all the flexibility you need to integrate the sub to the room and your other speakers.

Let it do everything.

Well, that is my general plan.  I can clearly see a +6 dB boost at low frequency, which is easy to implement with the DSP.  But, apparently they are designed to work optimally with some form of feedback/forwards circuit that makes them sound better than just crossing them over and adding power (which I have also done).  I'd like to figure out what the designers were aiming for to see if I can emulate that with the miniDSP.  Right now, with the DSP they have a tendency towards one-note bass that isn't present with the electronic crossover.  
I rarely come on these sites but just seeing your post. I have been down the exact same path your on. I also tried the Mini DSP and Commercial X overs like the Behrenger pro drive, DSP devices from TAC, and DSpeaker... and over 20 years at least 40 different high end subwoofers in stereo configuration.Jeez you name it. Which Subs do you have? Music Only? I have 3 sets of the SW 800s and have had everything in my system. Well almost. That amp if its an original ugly black box with the rear sets of inputs upside down is a keeper if you have passive Kinergetics subs. The Kinergetics subs are still the best avail for any price. Only thing close is the original Muse Model 18 and the Rythmic Audio a close second yet still second. Also if its the original you can use it just for the BSC circuit and X over. Im using it that with an OLD school Aragon 4004 MK2 to drive a pair of the large SW 800s with excellent results. Although the original Amp is still great. I just like vice grip bass for my music. Unlike most companies in High End audio that go out of business because they are bad marketers and salesmen or the owner and chief designer dies. The BSC circuitry and patents were sold to the US Navy for the Los Angeles class submarines for long range sonar and buoys. Per my experience these guys really "REALLY" know what they are doing. The fact that the SW800s were designed for the Martin Logan CLSs (arguable the most transparent speaker ever made) says it all.  

Best of Luck and Enjoy the music!,

Also forgot to mention the DEBRA and Audiokinesis quad mono systems. I had a long chat several years ago with one of the original distributors of Audiokinesis and Soundlab think his name is Duke. Great guy and super knowledgeable. There are several white papers by Harmon and Earl Geti about cancelling and compounding sound waves. Another guy on this site think his name is Millicarbon seems to know and understand all of this without an attitude just knowledgeable, smart, and been there done that kind of guy. Again any subs that will mate properly with Stats says it all! The SWARM subs are simply awesome and inexpensive for what you get. Best way to go (IMHO) without spending Monopoly money or risking divorce. Multi subs done right are like active room treatments that will change your mindset on what proper bass is actually on the recording and your musical experience.