Bent the stylus on my Elyse 2 cartridge

Hi everyone.
While cleaning the base of my Rega P3, evidently I bumped the stylus. I thought I was being careful. Anyway I put on a record and there was an obvious problem. Examining the cartridge, the stylus was pointing straight down. My only option was to push it back in place. It may (or may not) now have bit more angle to it then photos on web. I played a test album and it sounds absolutely fine. 

Thoughts? Is there a chance it will damage my records. The stylus is not replaceable on Rega cartridges and I living in Bulgaria gives me limited options to easily exchange or replace.

I'd be curious about upgrade recommendations for under $300. The Elyse 2 as mixed reviews but I have been happy with it.

Thanks in advance.

Buy yourself a proper cartridge and forget about Rega cartridges forever if you want to hear something much better. 

Even if you can straitened the cantilever your need a protractor to check everything, it can be slightly off (maybe you can fix an error with the alignment, maybe not). 

If you can't detect any difference in sound then maybe you can continue using your Rega cartridge, but this cartridge is nothing special.  

You need a decent MM or MI with user replaceable stylus. 
Grace F-8C with blue RS8F (Shibata type stylus) is what you could find, another option is Stanton and Pickering cartridges like 881s or XSV/3000 with Stereohedron diamonds ... they are all at your price point. Also look for Grado MI if you want something new, or Garrott Brothers cartridges.  
I did the same thing about a month ago snap that sucker right off
somebody suggested to use a pair of needle nose pliers 

Enjoy the Music
If your cantilever is made from aluminum (or aluminum alloy)
any repair service shoud be able to strigthen and adjust your
cantilever/stylus combo. Those who have never done this
should not give advice.
Thanks for the info and advice. I'm not sure where to start to find someone in Bulgaria to adjust the cantilever. I've been reading about upgrades for the Planar 3 and it will take some doing to get everything I need as I will have to source a spacer for the tonearm. I would love to improve the sound, perhaps I should expand my budget a bit, what does $500 buy that I can source in the EU/UK?  
Bulagaria is part of E.Union so if you want to buy whatever in UK
you should be very fast (grin). 
Bulgaria is part of the EU, but a fast delivery here is measured in weeks, not days and can be quite the adventure to wonder what service will show up and when. I've been reading reviews and forum post of other people that have made the Elyse 2 upgrade. There are not many fans of Rega cartridges which is too bad because it's an easy install. Now I'm in the world of spacers and how many MM is ideal. I wish I had thought through this aspect of buying a Rega. 
The Nagaoka MP110 supposedly works great on a P3 as would a higher Nagaoka if you want to go there.

The Dynavector 10x5 is also supposed to be a perfect match.

I've heard the Planar 3 with the Elys and it can definitely easily be bettered.  I'd consider it a good chance to upgrade the cartridge.